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Dieting Using the Arby's Menu

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Yesterday we were able to get out and drive around the countryside in hopes of finding some vivid colors in the foliage of North Central Texas, but alas - it looks like this year will be a balloon popper.

Last year, as well as the year before - we had some dazzling displays - as far as Texas is concerned.

Stopping at Arby's for Lunch

This fast food establishment has several choices that will tuck in nicely to almost all healthy weight loss plans. Of course, like other fast food eateries they also have several no-no's on the menu.

This is what we ordered on our day trip for lunch:

1 Jr. Roast Beef Sandwich (from Value Menu) for only $1 plus Arby's famous sauce
Potato Cakes (2 cakes)
Jamocha Shake (also from Value Menu) - this item we shared.

Jr. Roast Beef Sandwich Nutritional Data

210 calories as prepared without sauce with only 60 kcals derived from fat. It contains zero Trans fat, 25 mg's of cholesterol due to the beef content, 2 grams of saturated fat and only 6 total grams of fat.

There are 25 total carbohydrate grams in this sandwich with one gram of dietary fiber, 520 mg's of sodium and 12 protein grams that will assist in keeping the appetite satisfied.

The sandwich also contain 4% of the daily recommended value of calcium based on a standard 2000 kcal daily diet. There is also 15% of the daily value (DV) recommended for iron intake.

Potato Cakes, Calories & Fat Content

Each cake contains 115 calories - so two contain 230. There are also 14 total fat grams with 2 of these in the form of saturated fat (for two cakes).

Jamocha Shake Calories

The size that is on the Value Menu contains 350 kcals; this is why we shared this item. I had about one-third of the shake while my husband enjoyed the rest. We carry small cups in the car which really come in handy when we share beverages - or even food.

There are 9 total fat grams in the shake with 6 in the saturated form. The cholesterol content is a bit steep at 30 mg's. The carbohydrate values equal 60 grams.

Other nutritional values in this item include: 9 protein grams, 4% DV Vitamin A, 4% DV Vitamin C, 30% DV Calcium and 2% DV Iron. There are 270 mg's of sodium in the shake and 0 fiber grams.

In Summary

By ordering from the Value Menu we were able to keep our cost of the meal down which is important when one is on a limited budget as we are - and the amount of food was sufficient as well as quite tasty.

The total calories for 1 sandwich, 1 potato cake and 1/3 of the Jamocha shake equaled about 557 kcals.

I had a very quick breakfast of toast and coffee as we were heading out the door; for supper I enjoyed a bowl of whole grain cereal. During snack time I enjoyed some healthy selections from the fruit group to round off my day.

Whether dieting or not, you can enjoy dining out when you are aware of the nutritional content and caloric values of the foods that are on the menu. Choosing wisely opens a gate of opportunities.

Menu Items to Restrict or Avoid

There are items to avoid - such as most of the Market Sandwiches, but even where these are involved they are of nice size and can be shared.

For example, the Arby's Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich contains a hefty 800 kcals and 36 total fat grams.

This is quite steep, but when the sandwich is cut in half - so are those values.

While 800 big ones is too many to infuse into most fat reducing plans, 400 can squeeze right in. Take note to choose any side items wisely.

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