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Lose Weight Slow Or Fast?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Health Benefits of Losing Weight Slowly

1. Your body will slowly adjust and adapt to pounds lost. If you lose too quickly, skin tends to pucker and wrinkle like a Shar Pei.

2. More muscle mass when dieting slow. Rather than losing weight quickly, aim to build muscle as you drop pounds.

3. Your body will have time to adjust to a healthier eating plan.

4. Benefits to the body will abound as the pounds drop slowly. You'll likely not have any of the health dangers of fast weight loss or fasting diets as listed below.

Health Dangers of Losing Weight Too Fast

1. Metabolism plummets, decreasing to a snail's pace. The result is slower weight loss even though the dieter is trying to quickly drop excess pounds.

2. Fast weight loss does not give the dieter the benefit of adjusting to a healthy meal plan.

3. Fasting usually accompanies aggressive, quick weight loss. The body will lose precious vitamin and mineral resources. This can lead to the following health issues, some life-threatening:

- loss of hair
- anemia, a serious side effect of quick dieting, especially fasting plans
- heart issues, which can be serious
- digestive issues as the stomach will began to consume itself after an extended time of fasting
- diarrhea; your body knows it's in big trouble when this happens
- pancreatic issues which may be enhanced by the addition of sugar substitutes. Diabetics will be at high risk if fasting, and there are people who have not been tested for diabetes which could present a serious health crisis.
- foul breath of T-Rex
- bone health degradation
- memory issues, brain fog, panic attacks

In Summary

When I lost all my extra pounds going on about 3 decades ago, I fasted. I lost bone mass. My hair came out in chunks and when I had to see a doctor to address weakness, fatigue, panic attacks and so forth - I asked him about my hair loss. He told me that I would likely lose three-fourths of my hair before it stopped coming out in handfuls. In addition, he told me that I would never grow it back.

He was correct; I had such beautiful hair before the fast - and I lost almost exactly what he predicted.

Be kind to your body; you only have one. Dieting wisely, slowly and embrace healthy foods such as berries, nuts, eggs, fish and veggies.

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