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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Caveman & Stone Age Diets

In recent years, the trend of society tends to be returning back to the basics of life - from diet to home decorating. Stone age diets generally support fruit, protein and vegetables and omit dairy products, foods high in fat and carbs - which include most anything edible that is white.

The theory appears to stem from the 'possible bounty' presented to cavemen in days of old. Just the basics, ma'am.

Do these diets work?

The Atkins and South Beach Diets are very closely related to caveman-type diets. Many people have achieved great weight loss success and were able to maintain their new weight over time.

These types of fat loss plans make it quite easy for the average dieter to track 'what to/what not to' eat by categorizing foods into simple slots that the dieter can quickly relate to. The obstacle is this....

The Vitamin Pyramid's Connection to Metabolism

When we eat, some foods depend upon other foods for processing and in the storing of certain vitamins that are necessary for optimum health. Omitting certain foods, more specifically entire food groups from the daily menu can create a potential for digestive problems - as well as other functions performed by the body.

Our bodies are much like cars. The key turns over the engine, just like food starts our metabolism. But without water, oil, a battery, and air in the tires, the car won't run efficiently - and sometimes not at all.

And that's how fad diets are - sometimes they work, and sometimes not at all. Simply put, not all weight loss plans will work well for all people.

Two of the most popular stone age type fad diets are the Paleo - also known as the Caveman Diet, and the Paleolithic also known as the Neanderthal Diet.

The Paleo Diet

In the interest of conquering disease and increasing life span in humans, an endless search ensued a few short decades ago to find the perfect diet that would render eternal life, eternal good health and eternal youth in many cases.  

Under the microscope is a scratched slide which displays a controversial 'perfect' diet - commonly known as the Caveman Diet, a plan for Modern Day Gatherers.  You have just entered the Diet History Zone....

Upon further examination of the Paleo Diet, it has been determined that it lacks flavor but most importantly, lacks carbohydrates.

Carbs, the Energy of Life Force

Without carbs, the caveman doesn't feel like skipping through fields of dino droppings to chase three-winged, two-beaked pink butterflies. Nor does he feel like trolling for fish or even trolling for folly that will produce caveman offspring.

Many experts feel that the average cave person lived a life of leisure filled with little pleasure. Perhaps so. And you'd be tired too if you had to sew your own clothes with no pasta in sight. But that's another chapter in the Diet History Zone....

The Basics of the Paleo Diet Plan

The overall vision of the Paleo Diet is for society to revert to a revised stone age manner of eating based on archeology information and the foraging preferences of the modern day gatherers.

The theory of the Paleo Diet is based on human genetics which have shown little change since the inception of time.

Energy, Wellness & Healing Factors

This plan is also reported to quicken recovery from illnesses and many chronic diseases. In addition, dieters are believed to achieve overall health benefits.

The Paleo Diet also touts astonishing success and boasts healing properties achieved through a diet of raw plant and raw animal food sources.

Higher levels of energy, vitality, stamina and attainment of normal body weight for both overweight and underweight individuals on the Paleo Diet are just a few of the examples of what the Paleo Diet claims the dieter will achieve if they closely follow the plan.

The controversial Paleo Diet has drawn a line of fire in the Free Diet World, with the attackers riddling the theory which is supported by what little is known from the stone age era.

The Paleolithic Neanderthal Diet

The Paleolithic Diet is also known as the Neanderthal Diet, the Gatherers Diet and the stone age diet.

The Paleolithic Diet consists of unprocessed foods with the belief that the closer one eats to nature, the better. In fact, the Paleolithic Diet also encourages eating 'live' nature, even insects by some of the more fierce-minded Gatherers. More mosquitoes anyone? Gnats? Perhaps a live scorpion or two? Benadryl? Yes, please..... Two.

Food Offenders Thrown Into Paleolithic Slavery

The Paleolithic Diet is based on the foods that our stone age forefathers may have eaten. Taboo foods include grains, refined sugars, spuds, milk, beans and Blue Bell ice cream. What a shame. And those Blue Bell cows were so happy....

The Food Defenders: Foods Boasted by Gatherers & Crowned King In the Paleolithic Diet Realm

The Paleolithic Diet permits nuts, berries, fruits, vegetables, meats and possibly insects as mentioned above, depending upon how staunch the stomach of the eater might be OR how fierce they support the plan. Basically, it's a raw diet type of plan.

Fire wasn't discovered until years later - a few centuries before the wheel. Simply put, it could not be placed on the backyard barbie. Therefore, if a food cannot be gathered, it's not going to cut the mustard and make the Paleolithic Diet food list.

Modern day Paleothicians blame modern day health woes on food processing methodology that advanced with technology, which is true on many levels.

Lingering thought.... Although the modern day digestive system is one smart cookie, modern medicine tells us that it is oblivious to the types of foods that an individual introduces into the body.

Mr. Digestive System is only concerned with the nutrients found in the foods. And what the body needs at the end of the day is one filled with nutrition and balance. The foods on this plan are certainly that, but even so, who can live well without the Staff of Life?

The Caveman Diet

It was the time when chefs were made, not born. It was a 'wheel-less world', one filled with uncertainty and many Bush-Tasters. And woe to the Bush Taster who bit into a forbidden fruit, for it was the last bush the Bush Taster would ever taste.

Other than bush goodies, just what did the average cave person eat? Some prehistoric experts might insist that stone age people grazed on grass, just like sheep. As time progressed, they began smoking it.

Green stains on the teeth could only be removed via 1 part quicksand and 1 part poison ivy. Woe to the clumsy cave person. Rash-around-the-mouth was almost as bad in those days as ring-around-the-collar is, now days.

Wild, isn't it - just like the Caveman's diet. And of course, Today's Wise Man knows that poison ivy is indeed, poison and should never be eaten. But back in those days, Cavemen and Cavewomen dined on most anything they could get their hands on.

This may have included anything from freshly picked berries to non-homogenized dino milk. Nonetheless, when pickings went well, the mainstay of the Caveman Diet was fish, fruit, berries and nuts galore!

The main problem that they experienced with nut gathering was the gathering itself. It's not easy after that first frost, collecting nuts in nothing more than a flimsy loincloth or a sketchy garment of fur that's been plastered together with who-knows-what, but gather they did.

Other foods that were incorporated into the early Caveman's Diet may have included fresh greenery, such as dandelions, wild onions and wild garlic. Before Transylvanian times, garlic was renown for scaring away T-Rex's and other evil dinosaurs. Generally, one good yawn would do the trick. And of course, garlic was perhaps one good reason why the stone age world was lacking in dentists...

Caveman Diet & The Life Span Factor

True or False? 'Modern Day Man has a longer life span than his/her predecessors'. Actually, that's false.

Modern Day Man has the same life span expectancy as Cave people did BUT with increased medical technology and safer methods of doing things, Modern Day Man lives longer because of these things.

If it were possible to go back in time like Doctor Who and provide these same niceties to cave people, they would likely have the same life span as Modern Day Man. Excluding accidents and injury [i.e. getting underfoot of an angry dinosaur].

In other words, our odds of living longer have increased due to technology.

Unfortunately, the average Joe is under the belief that they will live years longer - that their longevity is now redefined in Today's World. A person's odds of living longer is only because of discoveries that cure prior health threats, or because we now live in a safer world.  

Modern Man and Cave person alike, are on a level playing field - it's just that in Today's World, we have so many ways to save life, to prevent death, and methods which make the world a safer place in regards to performing a job or task. To define the world as a 'safer place' is perhaps going a bit over the edge....

Note however that adding more natural foods to our day is a very good thing. If they are raw foods - we will likely see an improvement in our digestive functions. So there are some very positive things about these types of plans. However, without total nutrition the body will not be in the best of health, and ironically - achieving a healthy body is the basis of these plans.

Current Day Caveman & Cavewomen?

Take away all the tweezers, hair trimmers, makeup and hair dye and what would the face of Modern Day Man look like? No doubt, we live in a manicured world, our daily diet not excluded....incognito.

Think about it. If we-humans avoided haircuts, makeup, tanning potions and trimmers - we'd look much like cavemen. And keep in mind that cavemen have pearly white, even teeth - only on the silver screen. They lived in Toothache Hades.

Although our friend Betty may look like a million bucks, in true form those beautiful red locks are actually a mix of browns and grays, and sometimes snow white - and we're not talking about fairytales.

Those smooth legs might otherwise look in need of a bush-whacker if not for her new-fangled hair remover cream which also works well in removing Betty's unsightly mustache, particularly if she's over forty.

And that cute hair-do would be streaming down her back rather than nicely framed around her pretty face - also transformed by the illusive powers of make-up.

And let's not forget those manicured nails which would otherwise be rough and jagged. Finally, thank goodness for the tweezers that killed her unibrow.

And if we feel that Betty is a fright, what about her husband Joe? His beard is so long that it's touching his curled toenails. His hair is also long, like Betty's. And those nose and ear hairs aren't pretty.

As we journey back to the future, it's clear to see that everyone around us - including us, is a model that meets the standards of Acceptable Society. If it were not for all our modern day conveniences, we'd mirror the face of prehistoric man and woman.

And just as we slowly altered our appearance, we have slowly altered our foods - as well as our daily diets.

Can you even imagine a caveman and cavewoman sitting down for breakfast, lunch and dinner? It just didn't happen. The prehistoric way of living went something like this: Ug finds a peck of berries and brings them back to the tribe - not his family.

Back then, survival was all about sharing. If a tribe member wasn't hungry, he or she would tuck away their portion to enjoy later. None of this 'eating because it's there' stuff. Sustenance was a precious, vital commodity not to be taken for granted.

What if the berry bush suddenly withered and died or succumbed to Ug's wild garlic breath? What if a big prehistoric bird gobbled up all the remaining unripened berries from the bush? What if the bush suddenly caught on fire and began to speak - but then again, that's another story.

The point is that our current mode of living was established by our ancestors in an effort to create a more efficient world - a more productive world filled with more enjoyment.

Meal times were established to revolve around another creation: The Workforce.

Unfortunately, our bodies would operate more proficiently if we returned to the old ways - when men ate only when they were hungry AND when men ate foods that were closest to their natural state. Those foods are low in calories and contain minimal fat - or no fat. But let's face facts. It's not going to happen.

So the next time that you glance at our beautiful friend Betty munching on her lunch at 12 pm sharp, keep in mind that she is merely a figment of your imagination forced to 'enjoy' her food at a set time at a real table.

If we could actually see Betty - as well as the over-processed cheese nachos she is munching on as they actually appear, we'd run back into our.....cave.

Caveman Diet & Exercise

When a Caveman wasn't running rabidly from a T-Rex, he was chasing down a potential Cavewoman Love Interest (a CLI). Cave dudes got so much exercise that if they'd had modern medicine around, they would have probably lived to be 200 years old, or more.

Cavemen didn't have the sports toys enjoyed in today's world, just round rocks - more like boulders. There was no such thing as an exercise ball. Maybe an exercise boulder? Furthermore, there wasn't any golf, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, or kickball. Just a lot of running. From T-Rex's.

Another source of activity that burned up monstrous energy was Fire-Building and Food Gathering. Massive trees were sawed down very slowly via jawbones of deceased mother-in-laws, and sometimes via jawbones of deceased Triceratops. When those jawbones weren't available, a fresh piranha may have been used.

Speaking of fishing, can you imagine how strong a Caveman had to be in order to lift one of those big prehistoric fish from the sea?

Speaking of 'big', there were some big birds as well back in those days. Some may have even been yellow with orange legs. It must have been extremely difficult to shoot down a pterodactyl without a catapult. But then the lever was discovered and all was well.

So the next time that you get to thinking that exercise is awful, it's still eons better than running from viscous man and woman eating dinosaurs.

Diet & Weight Loss Activity Tips

Some of the best tools for weight loss are simple tools such as the jump rope, hopping, skipping, running and walking.

Modern Day Man has learned to rely on newfangled machinery to get the weight loss job done quicker and faster.  

But there is something to be said for exercising in the Great Outdoors. It's hard to catch a sunset while on an iron bike, but oh so easy when one walks near dusk. And those beautiful morning rays!

Of course, always get the thumbs up from your doctor before attempting any exercise plan. There may be a hidden condition, or your doctor may suggest some useful tips on how to lose weight at a faster rate, safely....

The History of Dieting

Long ago when the Age of Man began, there weren't many choices when it involved food. Whatever could be foraged was breakfast, lunch and often dinner.  

Before there was fire, it was mostly a sushi/coconut event. There were no whiners, only diners.  

If you didn't eat, then you became a favorite among the tribe because that meant more for them.

Then Came Fire for Delicious & Healthy Fire Roasted Vegetables

Then came fire....

The moral of this Caveman Discovery moment is that it is our human duty to continue to discover new and exciting methods of food preparation.

The hot dog, the wrap, the taco - all of these foods were little inventions in the kitchen of modernized cave people.

When experimenting, keep in mind that new, healthy concoctions are the best concoctions.

If you're tired of the same old fruit, try to discover some of the exotic fruits such as pomegranates, star fruit, dragon fruit and kiwi. Look up some new beans such as black beans and lima beans. Try purple sweet potatoes. Or have your taste buds investigate new varieties of apples.

You'll be not only discovering potential new favorites, you will be having fun while losing those unwanted saddlebags.

Once the cavemen discovered fire, cooking took off like a flash in the pan. One of the easiest, and most tasty recipes for weight loss is Fire Roasted Vegetables. The added perk is that they are naturally low in calories and fat. We coated ours with a touch of extra virgin olive oil which is a health-wise cooking oil.

Potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn on the cob also make great veggies for fire roasting purposes but contain more calories than the following suggested mix of veggies: 4 cups any of the following vegetables - sliced and quartered: broccoli, cauliflower, onion, bell pepper, turnips, carrots, cabbage + Olive Oil for coating + Salt & Pepper + Crushed Dried Rosemary + Garlic Salt

To Prepare: Coat vegetables using a minimal amount of olive oil. Sprinkle on seasonings and pop into a foil lined baking pan.

Place vegetables into a 400 degree oven until tender. About 35 calories per cup of Fire Roasted Vegetables.

The Stone Age Caveman Diet

Well, it had to start somewhere, I suppose. Long ago, before crème filled cupcakes and cheese-covered broccoli were invented, Cavemen & Cavewomen enjoyed a diet rich in protein, the omega 3-s, vegetables, fruits, nuts & berries.

Or did they?

Nonetheless, as we have learned, a raw diet was king and queen. In time, when fire erupted on the scene, cavemen progressed to the fatted dinosaur diet - but were satisfied nicely by the raw diet and all the gifts that Mother Nature had to offer at that time in history.

Needless to say, it was a very wild raw diet. There were no donut shoppes to be found, or even bakeries for that matter. How, oh how, did they survive?

And how did the Cavemen know what foods to eat in their diet? Many things might appear tasty, only to end up poisonous or even deadly. Woe to the taste tester of the unfamiliar raw foods.

And what about nutrition? How did the Cavemen know what their bodies needed in order to maintain energy and vigor so that they could pull women by the hair and run from dinosaurs, some with massive horns sticking out of their heads and backs?

Did they enjoy a balanced diet? Or, was the Caveman diet the means of an early fate? Or did the cavemen end up as the dinosaur's diet?

Forging for Healthy Food

We wake up with the urge to forage for our food. It's normal and it's how we were originally programmed.

But something has happened since the cave days. It is easy now to get food. No more berry picking or fishing or chasing giant flying birds for food. It is readily available. Therein lies the problem.

Like....Bruce awakens in the morning, heads to the kitchen in search of his morning meal. difficult is it to locate [gather] a box of cereal? If he desires eggs, he doesn't even have to go outside and find a nest.

The Human Body Prefers Natural Foods

In the event you find yourself lost at the supermarket these days in search of healthy finds, gather foods that are as close to their original, raw state as possible.

Organically grown food is also a great choice, but it tends to cost more as most good things in life generally do.

Consider growing a garden filled with your favorite things. And think about putting in a few fruit and nut trees. Fruit trees actually begin producing very quickly - generally within a couple of years of planting for most fruits. Berry bushes are even faster.

Caveman Diet & Protein

Meat eaters rule the world!  

Protein works to provide strong muscles and we all know that it takes more calories to support muscle than fat.

Excellent sources of protein include fish which contain Omega 3's and work to combat heart disease.  

Omega 3 fatty acids fight against high blood levels of trying in the body, and are effective in reducing bad cholesterol levels.

Omega 3's also help reduce the potential for blood clots to form, which is a major cause for heart attacks and related stokes.

Some of your best Omega 3-bets include Atlantic herring, anchovies, pink salmon, blue fin tuna, Atlantic mackerel, swordfish, oysters, smelt, tilefish and rainbow trout.

One unfortunate note: deep fat frying wipes out the beneficial fatty acids so you'll need to enjoy cooked over dry heat - as the cavemen did, or canned.

Caveman Diet & Fruit of Old

There's nothing that can compare to Nature's goodness! A healthy diet contains the bountiful gifts from the backyard of Mother Nature.

Fruit was a large food staple in the caveman's diet. A kumquat to a Caveman was akin to a cupcake to Modern Day Man. Fruits of Old represent sweet treats that have been laced into our unhealthy Modern Day Diet.

Ironically, in this day and age, we have more food options available - from simple to exotic- than any other time in history, yet we veer towards sugary fats that add little nutrition to our diet, and serve to pump up our fat cells. And an overage of fat in the diet translates into unwanted pounds.

While not all fruits are sweet, succulent and tasty, when a good one comes along, it's hard for a manmade goody to compete. I've enjoyed some fine-tasting eclairs in my time, but one crisp bite of a fresh, sweet honeydew melon completely blew that eclair right off the saddle.

Exotic fruits can add an interesting flair to your diet. There's nothing quite like a sweet pomegranate or an Asian pear that's so juicy that the fruit juice drips down the side of your mouth while eating.

Persimmons are another tasty fruit for Modern Day Food Gatherers - just be sure to leave some behind for wildlife as they are dependent upon wild fruits for sustenance and at times, survival.

They say that sweets and fats are an acquired taste - that after you've fallen off of the Fat Sugar Wagon, your desire for such foods diminishes and sometimes vanishes.

Frankly, it would be harsh to go through life without a slice of chocolate covered cheesecake or to never enjoy hot bread out of the oven smeared with fresh butter.

However, these foods contain so many calories and so much fat that we'd be wise to limit our treats. In essence, our cravings would go down and our health level would go up!

Though most people will argue that it is more expensive to diet than not, most fruit is less expensive than a bakery donut, a packaged sweet-thing, or 'fruit juice formulas' that contain less real juice than an infant lemon.

It's not easy opting for a plum over carrot cake, but when something as important as your health is at stake, go for the plum-just like the Cavemen!

Caveman Diet & The Chocolate Connection

When you think of Cavemen and Cavewomen, you think of caves, jungles, waterfalls and large dinosaurs. You can't get more 'jungle-e' than the rainforests in South America - and that's exactly where the first chocolate tree was discovered. We'll pick up our story there....

Choc, otherwise known as the Cave nerd, was studying the wildlife of the rainforest one day when something fell and hit him on his little head. At first, he thought the sky was falling and that is exactly what he yelled out at the time.

A nearby baby chicken (known to all as 'Little') went on to a famous future as she hatched out a nifty plan upon hearing Choc's most famous words.

Nonetheless, let's get back to Choc...

The tree with the large pods about the size of a big pineapple, were filled with tiny beans. Choc decided to dry the beans in the sun, and then he tried roasting them like he had those chestnuts last Christmas. Next, he removed the chocolate filling from the little pods, which he called nibs and then he ground them up very finely.

Choc then began experimenting with recipes created from the large pod that grew on the tree. Many of the cave clan riled and poked fun of him, referring to him as 'Choc-Full-of-Nuts'.

During his first concoctions, the results were very bitter. He often looked liked he'd been feasting on beetles after intense taste-testing of the chocolate.

But one day, he decided to mix some sugarcane with the chocolate. Oh my, he was an instant success. The cave clan began chanting, "Choc, we like this a lot," and therefore the word was framed, 'Choc-a-lot' which went on to be polished into the word that we currently know as 'Chocolate'.

Choc invented so many more luscious foods for the Caveman Diet, using extracts from the cocoa beans. Cocoa butter, cocoa powder - were all wonderful elements in his creations!

Time passed. Some of the luscious goodies created with the wonderful chocolate began to help pack pounds on Modern Day Man & Woe-Man. Once again, chocolate played a big role in our Diet History.

Independent studies helped indicate that chocolate can be beneficial in the diet - specifically DARK chocolate. Dark chocolate is beneficial in blocking free radicals in the body, thus lending a healthier human specimen and 'beautiful heart health'. And Choc, we all like that a-lot!

Cave Dwellers, The Demise of the Dinosaur  

What was outdoor life like for prehistoric man?

There was a time when dinosaurs walked our Earth, inhabited our swamplands, and were undoubtedly King of Beast. How do we know they existed? How did they disappear?

According to scientists, dinosaurs inhabited all of earth except the extremely cold areas, and could be found in numerous varieties of species, in different shapes, different sizes – some with scales, some with bony spikes, others with ferocious dagger-like teeth.

The tracks of these prehistoric giants can be found where they tramped across mud flats, which then hardened to stone, preserving their tracks. These impressions from the past mark their indisputable existence on Earth.

The largest known deposit of fossilized dinosaur bones in the world can be found in the Dinosaur National Monument, on the Colorado-Utah border.

Dinosaur fossils have also been yielded in the tar pits of Rancho La Brea, in Los Angeles, and in the Atlantosaurus beds of Wyoming. In 1953, Tritylodon skeletons (a mammal-like reptile) were found 'weathering out' of the sandstone rocks near Kayenta, Arizona.

If animals have the ability to adapt to changes in their environment, why have some died out completely? Why could a species exist for years upon years, then swiftly vanish? Just where did the dinosaur go?

Scientists offer many theories relevant to the disappearance of dinosaurs. The problem with theories is - they are theories. There is no bona fide documentation of prehistoric animals. No one that the present world knows of, ever interviewed a caveman, or anyone who came in contact with a dinosaur. Yet, we know they existed due to the remnants of history; fossils, imbedded tracks, impressions from the prehistoric past.

Here are a few theories that have been offered to account for the demise of the dinosaur:

1. When flowering plants appeared on earth, they increased the amount of oxygen in the air, therefore causing dinosaur's breathing rates and heartbeats to increase to the extent that they burned themselves out.

2. Dinosaurs were poisoned by plants they ate.

3. They began to die off after Earth's continents, which had originally been a single landmass, broke apart, causing tremendous environmental changes, submerging huge areas, and radically altering the climate, a climate that the dinosaur could no longer survive in.

4. A giant meteor struck the Earth, then exploded and its debris filled the atmosphere for many years, darkening the skies and blocking out sunlight. As a result, the temperature was lowered, causing the extinction.

5. Another theory is that the flood described in the Bible contributed to the extinction.

Even now men speculate of the dinosaur's existence, its appearance and habitat. Movies spin wondrous tales around these unforgotten, vaguely charted prehistoric beasts.

It is interesting to know that the latest of all fossil remains are those of early humans…..

Let's pause for a moment while I share a few ancient time recipes that I whizzed-up in my humble kitchen. Yes, over a hot cauldron. But wait! Almost all of them are actually non-stove, non-campfire, easy recipes.

The Stone Age Caveman Diet Bean Burger Recipe

Many diet researchers believe that beans were taboo in the Caveman Diet, but we assure you that our low fat recipe for Diet Beany Burger would blow that theory off the wall because who could resist such a delicacy?

Ingredients & Recipe - Makes several patties

1 cup of your favorite mashed beans (we like the black beans & we've even experimented with canned beans and had great results!)

1 cup of the following vegetables, seared until tender in a skillet sprayed with non stick cooking spray: diced onions, diced bell peppers, shredded zucchini; all veggies must be FINELY chopped.

1 teaspoon of cumin
1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
salt & pepper to personal taste
2 Egg Whites
1 cup of breadcrumbs (seasoned or unseasoned)

Mix ingredients together and form into patties by mashing mixture tightly together with slightly damp hands OR by using plastic wrap to form patties.

Grill or cook in skillet sprayed with non stick cooking spray. When grilled, foil may be used to help hold patty together should it decide to run away.  

Using the stove top cooking method, bean patties may be fried until golden using a bit of olive oil. Olive oil seasoned with rosemary works wonderfully well and adds a wild flavor to the patty.

Serve on a toasted bun against a bed of bib lettuce, finely sliced tomato rounds, finely sliced raw onion rings with a smear of LIGHT Mayo OR mustard.

Club Sandwiches for your Diet Plan

Wooly Mammoth Diet Club Sandwich Recipe

Every meal time presents an opportunity to cut the calories in your diet. Cutting calories of course, equates to weight loss and a healthier you.

In the case of sandwiches, some of the more fatty Health Obstructors include Mayo, sandwich spreads, cheese food slices, butter and salad dressings and sauces that are sometimes applied to the sandwich.

To enjoy a healthier sandwich mix, we invite you to try the following tasty, low calorie recipes.

We just have three words for our delicious Wooly Mammoth Diet Club Sandwich: Mmm, mmm, mmm. This diet sandwich recipe is packed full of goodness and will fill up an empty spot in even the "most giant" of caveman.

To prepare: Spray bread on one side with butter spray and either pop into toaster or toast in pan until golden brown. Carefully remove; add remaining ingredients to build your Mammoth Sandwich.  

It contains about 275 - 325 calories depending upon the brands of cheese and deli meat used to prepare sandwich.

Add as much as you desire of the following ingredients to your sandwich: Lettuce Leaves, Tomato Slices, Thinly Sliced Onion Rings, Thinly Sliced Bell Pepper Rings, Sprouts.

In the sandwich recipes that follow, you will prepare the bread in the same manner unless otherwise noted. You can also add as much or as many natural vegetables as desired such as cucumbers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and lettuce greens. In addition, the variety of cheese that you use will impact the caloric values as well as higher calorie breads.

Ingredients for Diet Club Sandwich

2 slices of Multi Grain Bread (80 calories per slice)
No Calorie Butter Spray (From the fridge or from the can.)
2 ounces of lean deli roast beef 

1 slice of low fat Swiss cheese


Diet Plantasaurous Club Sandwich Recipe

As you may have guessed, the Diet Plantasaurous Sandwich is a vegetarian type club sandwich filled with healthy things that a respectable modern day caveman might pull out of his garden. Contains about 250 calories.

Be sure and check for worms before placing ingredients on sandwich.


2 slices of Potato Bread (80 calories per slice)
No Calorie Butter Spray (From the fridge or from the can.)
1 slice of low fat mozzarella cheese
1 teaspoon of light Mayo
Lettuce Leaves
Tomato Slices
Thinly Sliced Onion Rings
Thinly Sliced Bell Pepper Rings
Thinly Sliced Black Olives

Diet Caveman Club Sandwich

Build a better, healthier club sandwich by using spicy mustard, yellos mustard or light Mayo to your sandwich rather than full blown Mayo. Full blown Mayo is also known for blowing out hips, stomachs, breasts and gizzards.  

Ingredients, Calories = about 275 kcals

2 slices of Jewish Rye Bread (80 calories per slice)
No Calorie Butter Spray (From the fridge or from the can.)

1 ounce of lean deli ham

1 ounce of lean deli turkey or chicken

1 ounce of lean roast beef

1 slice of low fat mozzarella cheese

Mustard, any variety

The Volcano Sandwich

Erupting with good things from the Good Earth, our Volcano Sandwich was created with the dieter in mind. Grab a napkin for this two-fisted, non-sissy Diet Sandwich.

You may want to have your guard dog handy as well, even if your mother-in-law is nowhere in sight.

To Prepare: spray sub bun with butter spray and lay on top of non stick pan until golden brown. Carefully remove; add cheese. Next, place meatballs onto bun on top of cheese.  

Next, carefully pour on the sauce, then sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Calories: About 350-400 calories depending upon the brands of cheese and types of meat used to prepare sandwich.


1 Sub bun 6 inches long (150 calories)
No Calorie Butter Spray
1 slice of low fat mozzarella cheese

4 small plum-sized meatballs, drained (you can save more calories and fat by using the leanest cut of hamburger meat, or by using ground turkey)

1/2 cup of your favorite spaghetti sauce that has been warmed

Grated Parmesan Cheese [optional]

Ingenious Ice Age Sandwich Recipe

Gotta have something low in calories and low in fat for the summer heat? Yeah, we thought so, and we had you in mind when we stumbled onto this tasty tumble of healthy goodness in our humble kitchen. Sometimes accidents are good, right? Especially with no dinosaurs in sight...

In fact, so good that it preempted the good old caveman days. Here is our tasty diet-wise recipe...

To Prepare: Line pocket bread with cheese. In a small bowl, mix the chopped vegetables with the pineapple. Next, toss in the chicken, nuts and raisins. Pack into the pita.

Calories: About 250-300.


1/2 Pita Pocket Bread  

Chopped mix of the following: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion

1/4 cup of pineapple tidbits in unsweetened juice

1 teaspoon of golden raisins

1 walnut or pecan, chopped

1/4 cup of chopped roasted chicken

1/2 slice of your favorite cheese (70 calories)

Diet Dinobite Club Sandwich

Inspired by the cave chicks on Fifth & Vine, this club sandwich rocks more than a twosome in a red convertible on a Saturday night. Grab a friend and share this tasty tantalizing diet sandwich. It's big enough for a dino but made for a caveman.

Begin by mixing the following together:  potato, corn, 1 egg white, salt, pepper, dash of your favorite spice (rosemary is divine).  

Carefully drop into non-stick skillet that has been sprayed with non-stick no calorie butter spray. Cook at medium heat until veggie patty begins to turn golden on one side; carefully turn. Remove when golden on both sides.

Next, dip slices of eggplant into egg white; dredge in flour that has been salted and peppered. Re-dip in egg white, then dredge in flour for a final dip.  

Place into non-stick skillet that has been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray and cook on both sides until golden.  

Remove and place a veggie patty between two of the cooked eggplant slices to form a sandwich. Dip into LIGHT ranch dressing if desired.


1 Eggplant Sliced
No Calorie Butter Spray
All Purpose Flour
Salt & Pepper to personal taste
1 Grated Potato (OR Squash OR Carrot)
1/2 Cup Drained Corn
2 Egg Whites
Dash of your favorite spice
Light Ranch Dressing (optional)

Calories: about 200 - 250 calories. Perk: Vegetables are very low in calories and contain little-to-no fat.

Prehistoric Diet Club Sandwich

This ancient sandwich was discovered by men in fur on the walls of a nearby cave. The recipe was etched in hieroglyphics and was a bit difficult to interpret, but we were determined.  

The diet recipe is so ancient that it was invented before loaf bread, and was prepared with a type of bread known as flatbread. At this point in history, stone age man discovered the wheel, so they began cutting the flatbread in a circle, and here is where we get our modern day tortillas.


Pile the following mixture on Flatbread:

1 cup of freshly washed and dried field greens (can be purchased at your local market)
1/4 cup roasted chicken breast

sliced strawberries

halved cherry tomatoes

grated white cheese - about 2 teaspoons

1 teaspoon of sunflower seeds, shelled

Ken's Steakhouse, Raspberry Pecan Steakhouse Dressing - (Low Fat variety) 2 Tablespoons (only 45 calories and we are in love with Ken! Barbie too!)

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