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Finding Willpower to Lose Weight

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Dieter Will Discovers the Power of Willpower

Deep inside the cavern of the Diet Soul lies a secret so old, so dark that it is almost forbidden to discuss....  

Fighting against the leaching fires of the flames of fat loss, our Will courageously forages forward to deliver, to you, this well-kept forbidden secret, a secret he learned after may moons of dieting.

Weight Loss Goals are Made to be Broken

Will had been on numerous diets during his life - and all had failed or at minimal, delivered short term weight loss results.

However, he noticed a commonality in all the diets that he had pursued, for at the beginning of each, he held an intense desire to achieve his fitness goals. This intense yearning - this intense feeling, he identified as Willpower.

Beginning of Plans Start With Great Motivation & Enthusiasm Which Wanes Over Time

He also discovered some other pretty significant things about himself. Like - his Willpower was unstoppable at the beginning of all the diets.

But as time passed, Will noticed that his Diet Willpower was if as it held a magic of its own. While he desired to lose weight, he had difficultly recapturing how he had felt at the beginning of his weight loss plan.

He tried so hard to feel the magic - to grab onto that intense yearning that he always felt when he started any new diet plan.

As time kept passing and as Will continued to go on various fat reduction plans, he continued to learn more about himself.

Finally, he was able to take the information that he learned and apply it to his life, thus losing all of his unhealthy excess pounds.

The following tips are the ones that he gleaned amid his many weight loss adventures, which when mastered - rendered Will the power to overcome his weight and meet all his fitness goals.

Getting in Touch Daily With Fitness Goals Boosts Willpower

Diet Willpower fades quickly, and one must polish it daily. The more it is polished, the stronger it becomes. If Willpower goes unpolished, it will vanish as quickly as it arrived.

Willpower is vain unlike vanity, and the more the Holder of the Willpower disciplines it, the more it respects the Holder. It should never be mollycoddled. Things that the dieter can do to strengthen their willpower will differ from individual to individual.

Searching for Things That Will Boost Desire to Lose Excess Fat

For Polly it might be as simple as looking at a fashion magazine or into a store front and imagining herself fitting into that beautiful, smaller dress or outfit.

For Dieter Christopher it might a poster of his favorite sport's star who is in excellent shape and sets a stellar example.

For Jenny, it might be her upcoming high school reunion - as she wants to arrive at a much smaller size than she is currently at.

For Pete, it might be concerns for his health.

There are numerous things that you can do to keep Willpower alive and on fire. The example of Jenny is a great method to follow because more often than not we have events in our lives that are in our near future.

It might be an office party, a vacation, an event that involves our children or grandchildren - or even the arrival of summer and swimsuit and short weather.

If we set our weight loss goals in several clusters and have tiny goals - such as losing x-amount of weight before the office party, we are more apt to keep motivated.

Willpower is truly about being super motivated, because if we lack one, we can't have the other - and when combined, they are difficult to beat.

Once we lose that x-amount of pounds and the party passes, then we can another goal to lose another x-amount of pounds. Before we know it, we're at our recommended size.

Lingering Notes Concerning Willpower

  Since the potency is greatest in its state of infancy, if one does not use the magic, it will quickly fade and so shall the diet. That said, once you become motivated about losing those unhealthy pounds - get right on top of things and get busy losing the fat.

It is free, but although powerful as it may be, it never enters the dieter without being invited first. Sort of sounds like a vampire, doesn't it - only a nice one. While you're at it don't forget to invite your motivation.  

It is the Magic Lives Within each of us - we only need to find things that keep us wanting to continue to veer towards a healthier body rather than away.....

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