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Fruit Calories Chart

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Natural Goodness for Your Weight Loss Plan

Reaching for fresh fruits rather than desserts filled by the Sugar Plum Fairy will help equal quick weight loss results.  

And who needs that decadent wedge of cheesecake topped with a layer of sweet strawberries - when you can just enjoy those strawberries for a lot less cow bell.

And don't be fooled by Fairy because there is no fresh plum to be found where this Sugar is concerned.

Fruits Differ in Caloric Values

Some fruits contain more calories than other fruits, just one of the downfalls of our great American Food Pyramid. 

Our Fruit Calories Chart below gives an example of how fruit calories vary from vine to vine, and from tree to tree.

And some fruits which we assume to live in the Vegetable Group are very high in caloric values - such as the green goddess of goodness: the spiffy avocado. The tomato is also, botanically speaking a fruit.

Super Foods in Natural Containers

Whether the fruit selection is an apple, pear, kiwi, grapefruit, mango, papaya or peach - fruits are considered super foods with super nutritional powers.

If we review the official Food Pyramid we'll see that fruits reside just above the base of the pyramid alongside the Vegetable Group; the base is of course, the Grain Group.

This emphasizes just how important the Fruit Group is in regards to fueling our body with essential nutrients.

Fruit Chart Calories

The Calories in Fruit Chart exhibited below can be useful in your daily diet when it comes to managing calories.

While the Food Pyramid recommendation for fruit servings per day equals two to four servings, you'll want to keep your daily totals at the amount which will maintain your recommended weight, commonly called your 'ideal or perfect' weight.

Depending on your menu for the day, you may wish to adjust the fruits that you eat in order to stay within your required calorie limits for your diet plan.

Let's say that you're planning your daily menu and you have only 100 calories to work with for the Fruit Group. You have already filled-in your menu where the other four Food Groups are concerned.

To meet your minimum daily requirement, you'll need to add two fruits to your diet menu.

A banana will have an excess of five calories which will be stored as excess energy to be used as a later date. That energy gets stored in the fat cells.

However, there are several fruits that can be chosen that will fit into that 100 caloric allowance. How about an orange and a plum for 98 calories? That will do nicely.

If you are kissing your total calories for the day and only have a few to spare, a few cherries or an apricot would make a wiser calorie choice than a banana or an apple.



























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