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Fast Food and Dieting

Written by Diet Bites


Bland Foods vs Fast Foods While Dieting

Are you tired of carrot sticks, bland popcorn cakes and canned diet drinks that taste more like a watered down can of vitamins rather than the rich and creamy potion they claim to be?

Do you crave a cheeseburger, a taco and those cute little curly fries? You do? Then ‘No Whining & Dining’ was written especially for you!

If you’ve been led to believe that dieting means weeks on end without so much as a wink at a Fritoe Burrito, then open the door and come on inside.

Don’t fret – there’s no cover charge and our fast food diet planner is totally free. To view our menus, simply visit the restaurants you plan to eat at: Subway | Sonic | Long John Silvers | Mc Donalds | Pizza Hut

About Our Fast Food Meal Planners

‘Fast Food - No Whining & Dining’ takes an inside look at popular fast food and fine dining establishments. We then provide a daily menu based on specific fast food menus in an effort to assist the dieter in keeping on course with their weight loss plan.  

Our fast food guide is not intended as a ten day visit to Fast Food Heaven, rather as a pattern that the dieter can use on those days when grabbing fast food is the only means of substance.  

Let’s face it – obesity is climbing rather than declining, and it appears that no Diet Mastermind exists in the Halls of Government Hierarchy. We understand that when a square peg doesn’t fit into a round hole, and the person that is poking in the peg continues to try to make it fit even though they know that it won’t, then the hole has to be modified so that the peg will fit.  

They can charge double for larger airplane seats, remove the soda and vending machines from our schools and tax our sodas - but that isn't going to solve the overweight and obesity epidemic. If anything, it will tax the poorer individuals or push those on the edge over into Poverty Lane - a place that the majority of our lawmakers have never visit; that and the military.

Fast Food is Here to Stay & We Best Learn How to Manage Control

No matter how much hand-swatting, belly-beating and finger pointing – fast food is here to stay, so if we can’t learn to manage and control our fast food intake, most of us are going to end up with size Triple-Z bras, galded thighs and one bad attitude when it comes to the word Diet.  

So what Diet Bites has attempted to do is to set forth some examples of fast food menus so that you can do fast food without blowing up your diet and your body.

The fact that many fast food restaurants are coming out of the 'Diet Closet' and being honest about the fat content in their entrees is refreshing. Even further refreshing are some of the ‘very healthy’ selections popping up on fast food menus.

More Restaurants Offering Skinnier Items, Reduced in Fat & Sugar

Taco Bell took steps some time back with their leaner, fitter Fresco Style menu. Subway Restaurant brought us Jared on a silver platter along with a stack of 6" subs that are light in fat and caloric content. After all this time, Jared continues to be a roll model to show that weight loss can be achieved permanently - even by those who have a Godzilla-amount of weight to lose.

Then we have Kentucky Fried Chicken who actually went into the closet when the overweight and obesity issue was brought to light, changing their name to KFC. We all knew there were a lot of fat and overly plump people in America - it's just that no one said it; and when they did - they've never shut up. We get it; we're trying to do something about it. And it isn't easy - but we're trying. Really hard.

KFC broke the mold and released their chicken from the fat vat and tossed it onto the grill. This was perhaps one of the most brilliant moves by a fast food industry leader. It would have sucked if the grilled chicken had tasted 'foul' but it didn't - it rocked, and it rocked hard, out-tasting their famous Original recipe. They did the Colonel proud.

On the other hand we have the bad boys like Jack in the Box who actually bragged about having big-time food on their menus. Luckily, they have some good choices for dieters too - so we'll give them a pass. click to continue


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