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Taking Care of Your Body

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Take Care of Your Body & It Will Take Care of You

Zipping through life is such a breeze, particularly for the young. It's a time when daily diets run free and hot dogs run amuck. Eat now, pay later. What happens when later is now?

Dick's a 1952 Mercury zooming down the Highway of Life. Just look at you, Dick - gorgeous sleek body, fabulous trim work, oh, and get a load of that diggin' hood ornament.  It's flyin', baby, just like you.  

One day, you're gonna be a real classic.....  One day....

Adding Notes of Bad Nutrition One Day at a Time

Dick continues on Life's Highway, stoppin' off at the fast food hamburger joints along the way. He's gobbling down those oiled fries like there's no tomorrow. He's hittin' those slow sundaes like a frog jumpin' off a flat rock on a hot Sunday afternoon. He's got his dipstick parked in High Heaven - right in the middle of a candy caramel apple. Isn't life sweet?

Yes-sir-re, Dick's enjoyin' life to the fullest and one day, he's gonna be a classic.

The Unhealthy Body

ONE DAY, Dick pulls over to the side of the road, his exhaust completely exhausted. It's shooting out a lot of blue and black smoke these days.

Startin' to use a lot more oil, too. One order of fries just isn't enough these days. And he likes that chickin' fried - Hello Colonel, Goodbye Boston these days.

Dick's honker isn't what it used to be, either - blowing out both ends when he uses it - and it seems that he always has to strain these days to get anything accomplished.

Yep, Dick's gonna be a classic one day.  One day.

Does Dick's sordid tale strike a familiar chord? Is this old song familiar?  If so, begin now to make healthy choices in your daily diet.

A car doesn't wear out in ONE DAY, rather one day at a time. Depending upon the grade of fuel used and the maintenance performed, the wear and tear on a vehicle can be minimal.

The Healthier Body

Let's look at Dieter Herman to see how he has handled himself over the years. He was born in a farm worker's shack, a bouncing baby boy to overweight parents. Throughout his childhood he was fed beans, cornbread, apple pie and hot dogs.

More often than not, fried foods were a huge part of young Herman's daily diet. As he approached adulthood he started noticing girls, which in turn had him doing an evaluation of his body size.

He wasn't fat like his parents, but he was certainly headed in that direction if he didn't change his nutritional ways. And Herman didn't want to be fat. Yes, he wanted to eat the foods that he enjoyed, but he wanted to be at his recommended weight more.

Learning About Healthy Nutrition & Putting Knowledge Into Practice

He enrolled in a nutrition class at the local college and began learning a lot about health. He visited his doctor and learned a lot more.

Over time, he embraced a healthy balanced daily diet built on the Food Groups.

He also joined a softball team to meet his activity needs. And he took music lessons and learned how to play the guitar; the girls really enjoyed that - and it helped Herman to relax during his free time.

Once Herman achieved a higher level of health along with a healthy weight, he continued on this course throughout the rest of his life. When he married Dolly, they eventually had a little boy named Herman Junior.

Unlike Herman Senior's childhood, little Herman had the healthiest of daily diets. This didn't mean that he was never allowed a cupcake; those were special treats allowed for special times.

As years rolled into decades, Herman Senior grew into his elderly phase and was still able to move around freely and enjoy his grandchildren.

Many other men who were his age couldn't do such and remained confined to wheelchairs. In addition, Herman wasn't on any medications and was disease free. His lifelong commitment to better health really paid off during his senior years.  

In Summary

Be a classic! A TRUE classic - so that when the young-ones see you, they'll say, "I want to be like that person when I become a classic ONE DAY." 


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