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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Instant fixes that assist in concealing weight - look instantly thinner with our savvy trimming tips.

Weight loss can be frustrating, time consuming and just hard on a body. Yes we know, that excess weight isn't exactly easy on a body, but there are times when dieting for weight loss just isn't feasible.  

If this sounds familiar, these three savvy tips may be of assistance.

A Straight Carriage Can Instantly Make You Appear Thinner

Carriage Adjustment: The manner in which an individual carries their body as they walk, sit, stand - and so forth, presents a great opportunity to project confidence.  

When a person huddles or hunches over purposely, it conveys not only a lack of confidence, but also adds pounds to the individual in the eyes of the beholder.

When an individual is graceful and stands proud, the beholder's focus is on the strength of the individual - not the weight issue.

Self-Confidence is Key

Think about the last time that you visited a beach or swimming area. Remember the individuals who stood proud and took a leap off the diving board? They eluded confidence, not giving a care as to how their body looked to others. They may not have been in the best of shape, either - and some may have even been need in dropping more than a few pounds.

Now think about an award's show which features celebrities. How many times have you watched on of these shows play out - when one or more of the women who decided to dress in the shortest dress they could find were seen groping at the hem and trying to pull it down? Some can't leave that hem alone, can they?

And all the time they are rearranging what little of the garment their is, you're probably thinking the same thing that I'm thinking, "Why did they wear that too-short outfit if they have to continually ensure that something is showing that shouldn't be showing?"

They are obviously self-confident about the outfit.

Now think about the starlet who wears a fashionable dress or gown and who walks tall and proud, never pulling at her outfit. It doesn't matter what size she may be - she looks regal and confident.

She isn't distracting is any manner and because of such, she not only eludes self-confidence - she gather respect from onlookers. As to the hem-puller, people keep thinking, "Why does she keep adjusting her outfit?"

Simply put, when an individual exudes confidence, it promotes a positive picture of strength and again, the beholder's focus is on strength rather than their weight.

The Color Black is Slimming

Slimming Wardrobe: Black as well as dark tones hide pounds and can make a poofy tummy, look flatter. On the other hand, white fabric as well as other light colors will present the image of a larger figure.

I've shared the story here before about how I shopped for an Easter outfit one year when I was at the height of my weight. A female witch-shopper made me feel absolutely mortified about the white outfit that I had fallen in love with. Yes, she was right - but oh boy, did she make me feel shameful.

In hindsight, I should have held my head high and ignored her - but I'm too much of a Goody Two Shoes to do that. I've had some experiences in my life - that's for sure. When I was about twenty years old I worked in a factory; it was very hard work and it was Texas - without air-conditioning, in the summer time.

I had another young lady come up to me - just out of the blue and tell me that she couldn't stand me. I was horrified and just gave her a confused and hurtful look. She told me, "I don't like you because you're too nice."

Oh well, we can't always please the world - now can we? However, incidents like us can cause deep scars. All these decades later and I can still see that hateful little snit standing there before me - her hands on her hips, her lips snarled like a she-bear as she 'told me off'.

So yes - I know how cruel people can be, which is just another reason why we have to find our self-confidence, even when it is buried deep inside of us - and we have to pull it out.

As time goes by and we're lucky enough to keep on living, at some point we will fade. While some of those who are around us will cry and we may be missed, those people will go on living their lives - as should be. Simply put, none us of are indispensable.

We must make the best of life while we are here - doing our best to enrich the lives of the people that we love - as well as our own.

So get out there - hold that head high and use your self-confidence. You'll not only gain the respect of others around you, but you'll also look thinner by adjusting that slumping body carriage.


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