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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Fish OR Cut Bait

On a diet, off, then back on it again? Someone please blow up this queasy ghost ship! Does this sound familiar? Then let's move on into the deeper waters to explore....

100% of New Dieters Want to Lose Excess Weight

Bottom 'Line': Almost 100% of the individuals who are over their recommended weight want to cast off that weight. It's dragging them down emotionally, physically and in some cases, spiritually. In fact, even individuals who are at or even below their ideal weight often want to lose more weight.

For those who are truly overweight, then losing those excess unhealthy pounds are a need. For those who are at their ideal weight or under that number - it's silliness.

Throwing that unwanted weight back into the Diet Seas is much like trying to toss an anchor off an unsteady boat in high winds. The dieter is dealing with dead weight that just doesn't want to go bon voyage!

Results Require Action on Our Part as Pounds Won't Melt Off Without Effort

Have you ever seen a movie where an individual faints or needs to be picked up? Sure you have - and usually a hero enters the picture to save the day - scooping the person up off the ground to yes, save the day.

But moving a person who has fainted or lifeless isn't actually as it's represented in the movies. Dead weight is exactly that - dead weight. If the actress or actor was actually lifeless, it would require more than a simple scoop to rescue the day.

Such are those rotten unwanted pounds when we gain over our recommended weight.

Although there are scads of seasoned Diet Sailors out in the storm-tossed seas, it's very hard to successfully steer safely across the goal line. Even the most experienced of individuals end up failing when their plans are poorly executed - or when they simply get tired and lazy.

Sometimes life just gets in the way of losing pounds. Sometimes the individual grows bored with the entire situation and jumps overboard.

Sometimes the fat reduction plan is ordered to walk the plank - even though it didn't do anything wrong. This is called 'reversed mutiny'.

Tips to Help Your Plan Succeed

The following dieting tips can assist in calming the raging sea at times - but when it is all said and done, the situation is under the total control as well as the desired outcome of the individual.

Yes - 'desired outcome'. While the individual may not desire to weigh more, they desired that certain something more than they wanted to lose weight. It might have been their former unhealthy diet, or something they miss from that time such as chocolate or second and third helpings.

The Diet MUST be Fun

  If it's fun, the individual looks forward to seeing what the particular diet plan can do for them rather than sailing away from it. And it takes a lot to inject 'fun' into a plan that basically involves cutting calories and embracing exercise.

Choosing to set goals, such as monthly goals can assist in adding some fun to the plan. It also gives the dieter something to work towards.

For example, Dieter Eddie saw a watch that he really wanted and it falls within his budget. But rather than purchasing it, he placed it on layaway. He is going to get the watch out of layaway at the end of the month if he loses ten pounds. If not, he'll have to wait until the following month.

It MUST be Interesting

  If the diet is not interesting, it won't last and the dieter will submerge into the 'Fish or Cut Bait' scenario again and again. To make the plan more interesting generally shaking up the types of activities that are part of the plan - or shaking up the daily menus. Now is a great time to try new, healthy foods that you might not have experimented with before. Parsnips, watercress, mangos, papayas, honeydew melons, portabella mushrooms - these are all delicious wholesome foods that are unique and which can add interest to your plan.

It Must Be Reasonable

  If the fitness goals that are set end up being too far over the horizon to be in sight, it's a sinking ship from the get-go.  A Diet Sailor should make certain that the plan fits their lifestyle, schedule, food preferences and budget.

In Summary

We're sending out an SOS....

If you have dieted and failed, never give up but be cautious of this yo-yo syndrome because it contributes to weight gain rather than weight loss - and that's something that every dieter is working hard to toss overboard.

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