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Diet Articles relating to weight loss, fast food calories, best choices and nutritional values and weight loss tips.

Dieter Will Discovers the Power of Willpower - Deep inside the cavern of the Diet Soul lies a secret so old, so dark that it is almost forbidden to discuss....

The Diet Trapped Within - Dieter Sally felt trapped, unable to achieve permanent weight loss.  What Diet Villain lives within those clogged-artery halls?

Fast Food, No Whining & Dining - Your Diet Guide to Fast Food Dining - If you’ve been led to believe that dieting means weeks on end without so much as a wink at a Fritoe Burrito, then open the door and come on inside.  Don’t fret – there’s no cover charge and our fast food diet planner is totally free.   The ‘No Whining & Dining’ was written especially for you!

If you are needing straightforward calorie guides to fast food restaurants, Diet Bites has created charts and provided some of the best menu selections at the following fast food restaurants based on caloric values: Sonic | Long John Silvers | Pizza Hut | Taco Bell | Wendy's | Arbys | KFC | Fazoli's Restaurant | Subway

Diet Fish OR Diet Cut Bait - On a diet, off a diet, then back on a diet. Someone please blow up this queasy Diet Ghost Ship!

Fast Food Dining Guide for Dieters - We have the low down on the best menu selections while fast food dining.

Taco Bell Menu Items Sorted by Calories - If you're looking to keep your calorie consumption in check, our nutrition chart depicts such and can be used as a guide before you arrive at the restaurant. It's our 'know before you go' solution for dieters. We also do specific data pages for Taco Bell Carbs as well as a Fresco Style menu guide for those dieters wanting to keep calories as minimal as possible.

Jack in the Box Calories as well as our suggested menu selections can assist in keeping calories on track when dining here.

Taco Bueno Best Menu Choices for Dieters - If you're a frequent diner, our calorie and nutrition guide can assist in making the healthiest menu choices while dieting, or not.

McDonald's Calories and nutritional data as well as our menu suggestions help make it a lot easier when choosing from the menu.

Let's not leave our healthy fruit from our weight loss plan; we have some of the best selections referenced here, as well as a Fruit Calorie Chart and extensive data and information detailing Dried Fruits.

Diet & Weight Loss Articles in this Section

Weight Loss - An Instant Fix for a Diet Alternative - Weight loss can be frustrating, time consuming and just hard on a body.  Yes, weight isn't exactly easy on a body, but there are times when dieting for weight loss just isn't feasible.  If this sounds familiar, these savvy tips may help!

The Pregnant Diet - One of the most popular diet plans around and used by 50% or more dieters.  Is this diet familiar to you?

When a Diet is Not a Diet - This non-diet tip may save you several pounds of weight gain.  It's a simple method that can be utilized by anyone battling weight gain - dieting or not.

The BRAT Diet - Fight off diarrhea with four wise foods.

Have You Greased Your Diet Axles Recently? - Zipping through life is such a breeze, particularly for the young.  It's a time when diets run free and hot dogs run amuck.  Eat now, pay later.  What happens when later is now?

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