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McDonalds Low Calorie Breakfast

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Morning Meal Suggestions for Dieters at McDonalds

Just about no one in the fast food industry can beat the taste of Mc Donalds for breakfast. If we could only erase some of those calories and fat! But alas, we cannot.

But we can assist in suggesting some of the lower calorie options where breakfast is concerned. There are some choices - based on calories, that won’t destroy your weight loss plan.

Even better news for the diet world – Mc Donalds has followed Subway’s lead, offering healthier choices to valued customers.

Their salads rock – but lay off of the croutons and dressing which pile up more calories than some of their popular burgers.

But for now, let's concentrate on the first meal of the day - because that very first bite of food will start your metabolic burn.

Scrambled Eggs, a Best Choice

We really like their Scrambled Eggs; they are always light, fluffy and a beautiful yellow. And they are low in caloric content at 180; add a sausage patty but it will cost 170 calories - but that is still doable for dieters at a tab over 300 kcals.

Sausage Burrito

The Sausage Burrito has a southwest flavor and it rests at about 300 calories. The Hash Browns are really greasy and contain 140 calories each. You're better off ordering the Scrambled Eggs.

If you enjoy a jam with your breakfast, you'll add 35 calories for either the grape or the strawberry jam.

Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait, Good Morning Snack

If you're wanting a snack for your mid-morning break, pick up a Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait; without the granola it only contains 130 calories and makes a healthy snack. With the granola, it bumps upwards in caloric content to 160.

The Egg McMuffin, Under 300 Calories

The Egg McMuffin offers a good bite that will satisfy your appetite for only 290 calories.

But if you add sausage then you're going to start getting into trouble as the caloric content significantly increases along with the dietary fat content to 370 calories; add an egg and we go to 460.

Biscuit With Sausage & Egg, 440 Kcals - a Bit Too Steep for Weight Loss Plans

Let's move to their biscuit which starts at a count of 240 which is a steep base to begin with. Add sausage and the count increases to 410; add an egg and it pops to 500. If you're a bacon sort of dieters, then the biscuit with egg and cheese contains 440 calories.

The McGriddles are a popular breakfast item but they start out at 420 calories for the Sausage McGriddles. Add an egg and cheese and the count increases drastically to 560; and if you prepare bacon, egg and cheese, the McGriddles drop to 450 calories.

Menu Items to Avoid: Big & Deluxe Breakfasts, Cinnamon Roll

There are two breakfasts that you need to avoid while dieting - and actually while you're not on a restricted weight loss plan: the Big Breakfast and the Deluxe Breakfast.

If you are going to share a breakfast, then the Big Breakfast will slip under the radar at 730 calories total (before the split). But the Deluxe Breakfast at 1,220 calories can't fit into your weight loss plan, even when it is shared with another individual.

Another high caloric menu selection is the hotcakes and sausage. If you just have the hotcakes with two pats of margarine and a packet of syrup, you're already up to 600 big ones. If you just have the hotcakes and sausage - without the margarine or any syrup we start out at 770 calories.

Also avoid the Warm Cinnamon Roll for 420 calories. It's not that large of a roll. You can purchase several different brands of heavily iced cinnamon rolls - some of which are studded with fruit and which only contain 200 calories each.

I don't know what McDonalds uses to make their cinnamon rolls, but it's packing a lot of calories at 420 per roll.

If you want their Deluxe model, it will cost you about 600 calories. You can eat three seriously iced cinnamon rolls for that amount of calories; Dolly Madison Bakery makes some of the best.

About Fast Food Dining & Dieting

Most fast food restaurants tend to have a few things on their menu that can fit into the dieter's weight loss plan but they tend to be high in dietary fat, cholesterol and sodium (salt) content - even when they are fairly nominal in caloric values.

The items on the menu which would be considered ultra healthy are very few and far between.

While calories govern the numbers on our bathroom scales, other areas of the Nutritional Equation really do influence our state of health.

If we're dieting and caught in a situation where we must do a fast food stop by, we can do such without having to worry about the food exploding our weight loss plan for the most part.

While McDonalds has several choices that will fit into your diet - based solely on energy values, we suggest that you don't make any fast food restaurant your home away from home unless the menu selections are nominal in fat, calories, cholesterol, sugar and sodium content.

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