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Arby's Low Calorie Options

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Good Choices for Dieters on the Menu

Arbys offers some good fast food choices for dieters, although if you order a market fresh sandwich, be sure to share it with a friend as they run high in calories.  

An example is their Market Fresh Roast Turkey, Ranch and Bacon sandwich weighing in at 800 calories and 36 grams of fat. They are delicious, but go into these Diet Woods only if you share your loot, otherwise you face the wrath of the Big Bad Diet Wolf who will eagerly and willingly gobble up your weight loss plan.

The following three menu suggestions can work very well for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Setting Snack Times for Managing Weight

You should add a healthy fresh fruit selection to your day at snack times. Enjoy no more than two snacks per day amid your weight loss plan.

You can set your snack times for the mid-morning and late-afternoon, or late-afternoon and before bedtime - or morning and late evening. If you feel weak or that you need some energy to refuel, add another snack to your weight loss plan.

Menu Selections at Arby's Restaurant Based on Caloric Content

It's vital to keep in mind that the following menu selections are based on caloric values alone - and they may contain too much dietary fat, cholesterol and sodium for some individuals. The sodium content in the menu selections at Arby's tend to be very high in sodium content, and it would serve them well to try to reduce that element - and it would also serve their customers well too in the area of a healthier menu.

Unfortunately, we recently tried their new Roast Beef sandwich and couldn't eat it because it was far too salty. It tasted like someone had dumped the salt box over into the meat. The sandwich was tossed to the birds.

Note: The following menu suggestions are for dieters who might be searching for meals that can fit into their weight loss plan; the following is not intended to be a full-day diet as it would be too deficient in caloric values.

Breakfast Menu Suggestions for Your Weight Loss Plan

Egg & Biscuit 330 Calories, 17 total fat grams, 11 saturated fat grams, 0 Trans fat grams, 130 mg of cholesterol, 990 mg of sodium, 33 total carbohydrates, 1 dietary fiber gram, 4 sugar grams, 10 protein grams, 15% daily value for calcium and 10% daily value for iron.

While this sandwich choice is offered with bacon and cheese, that would place the fat and sodium content on full-blown overload; the sodium content is already at the maximum and is actually overload for those individuals who are sensitive to the side-effects and health issues related to excess sodium in the daily diet.

Lunch Menu Suggestions for Dieters

Order the Roast Beef Jr. Sandwich - which is generally ordered for kids. It contains 220 calories, only 7 grams of total dietary fat, 2 saturated fat grams, 0 Trans fat, 25 mg of cholesterol, 700 mg of sodium, 28 total carbohydrate grams, 2 dietary fiber grams, 12 protein grams - and it's a pretty tasty little sandwich.

We can whine about the size of the sandwich all we want to - but this is about the size of burgers back in the 1970's. We've come a long way, baby - and it's damaged our health in a big bad 'weigh'.

Again, this sandwich is steep in sodium content; as a note we also added Arby's tasty sauce to the sandwich. It's really good and has a unique flavor.

Also add a side salad to the meal; Arby's side salad consists of tomatoes, lettuce, onion, shredded cheese and we added a balsamic vinaigrette dressing for a total of 210 calories.

We would recommend shedding the added cheese because it bumps total fat to 17 total grams, a wee bit too much for a salad.

You can enjoy a chocolate cupcake for abut 12 total fat grams.

Dinner Menu Suggestions for Dieters

The Roast Chopped Farmhouse Salad is a good menu selection at 390 calories which includes shredded cheese and the balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing.

Also in the salad is: tomatoes, pepper bacon, lettuce, red onion and roasted chicken.

The downside is that the salad contains 26 total fat grams, 65 cholesterol mgs and 1,140 mgs of sodium.


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