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Velform Sauna Belt Review

Written by Diet Bites

50 Short Minutes to Eliminate Fat, Cellulite & Weight Too Good to be True?

The Infomercial for the Velform Sauna Belt that I saw was so cheerful and happy that I had a box of tissues handy. The hosts were so giddy that I was almost certain that their bottom lip had been threaded with under-wire bra material.  

What's the pitch?

Can this super-charged strap-on heating pad really enhance metabolism, eliminate fat, cellulite and weight while easing muscle pain in just 50 short minutes?  

Expensive Belt

The Velform Sauna Belt claims to do all of this for about eighty dollars - and you can even get a second one at half price when you order.

What a deal!  What a steal!  Yeah, a steal right from your pocketbook, that is.  

Here We Go Again With the Flushing Out Toxins Syndrome

In our opinion, what's even more disconcerting is that those ballooned problematic areas are once again blamed on holed-up toxins in the body, just waiting to be flushed out.

The Velform Sauna Belt comes with a 14-day money back guarantee, but it will probably take that long to reach anyone outside of the UK. Unfortunately, the money it costs to return the item may run close to the cost of the belt.

With all the Toxin Expertise - solved and conquered by Man, one often wonders why the body even bothered to put its own toxin control system in place.  Back to the Velform Sauna Belt.....

Black Belt Might Be Best

We recommend that you invest your hard-earned dollars into martial arts.  You'll receive a total workout and a belt to boot.

That 'wraps up' our review of this.....not-so-hot for weight loss belt.


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