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Fattest States in America

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Oregon Flat-Lines as Alabama Climbs to New Weight Heights

According to Trust for America's Health, an advocacy group focusing on weighty state issues, all states in the USA increased in weight except Oregon.  

Unfortunately for Alabamians, they now tip the top of the Weight Gain Scales - the fattiest state in America.  

Trust for America's Health is requesting that the government get more involved in the fight against obesity.

Obesity, an Expensive Epidemic

Obesity costs - in more ways than one.  On the state front, health centers are becoming stressed due to a need for yet more qualified healthcare workers.

Obesity contributes to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and a queue of other illnesses and diseases.

On the personal front, those Americans impacted by obesity must not only deal with the potential health results of obesity, they must deal with personal issues brought on by obesity - from insecurity to the frustrated inability to achieve permanent weight loss.

Soaring Healthcare Costs, Many Related to American Obesity Issues

Due to the soaring cost of healthcare, many Americans cannot afford health insurance these days.  

On the work front, employers are finding the cost of healthcare skyrocketing with more and more workers suffering the effects of obesity.  

More days are missed; workers may not be as productive due to obesity health woes in addition to the common discomforts that parallel with obesity.  Obesity tends to slow individuals down, to take away that 100% feeling of good health, and to trigger mental fog.

Drugs of the new century keep many of the health issues associated with obesity under control, but negatively influence the obese individual.  With effective drugs to cure all ills, there is no need for weight loss and many times, the obese individual continues to gain weight rather than lose weight.

Diet Bites commends Trust for America's Health for its effort in drawing attention to the American Public the seriousness of obesity and for encouraging our government to become more involved.

The Desire for a Nation of Healthy Dieters

We hope that one governmental solution to the obesity problem is to do a better job of familiarizing children with a healthy daily diet - to go beyond adding 2 + 2 = 4, to "That cookie contains 150 calories and that cup of strawberries contains about 50 calories. My body doesn't need the cookie, but it does the berries."

Knowing what nutrients and calories that basic foods contain, how much food one requires, and discovering fun activities that will be incorporated into a lifetime are just a few of the necessary steps in the birthing of a healthy America.

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