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Weight Gain and Salt

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weight Loss: Saving Calories While Cooking

Mama's Shaking in the Kitchen - Being Diet Bad

Mama Jones is busy shakin' in the kitchen - whipping up healthy foods like nobody's bid-ness. Innocently peering into the hearty vegetable soup pot as she shakes, Mama has no idea that she's being bad - for goodness sakes!

How so?  Let us count the Diet Weighs....

Water Retention Equals False Pounds, Negative Heart Impact

Salt - i.e. Sodium: Notorious history as King of Water Retention. High levels of sodium in the diet may also contribute to high blood pressure, heart and circulatory disease in some individuals.

Symptoms of Sodium Overload in the Body:  Look for hands that resemble the "Hamburger Helper" guy. Symptoms may also include swelling in other undesirable areas of the body, weight gain, headache, irritability and thirst.

Solution:  Mama Jones should consider any of the following: a) adding minimal salt to the pot; b) switching to lite salt but not without first checking with the family doctor because some lite salts may create even further woes for those with heart problems; c) allowing the family to salt their own food.

Pepper, Digestive Upset Trigger

Pepper: Sometimes known as Pepper Gut Upset, pepper has a way of adding tummy trouble to the pot in some individuals with sensitive stomachs, and may induce sneezing in others. 

Mama's Solution: Allow family to add pepper to their own food to suit personal tastes.  

MSG & Scary Side Effects

MSG: (Monosodium glutamate) A frequent addition to Chinese cookery.

Adding MSG to foods can create a serious turn of events for those individuals who are sensitive to MSG.

There are also ponderings between the MSG and weight gain epidemic, in addition to some beliefs that MSG attributes to weight gain and appetite. Nonetheless, Mama Jones should remove MSG from her pantry without further delay.

Symptoms of MSG Reaction: tummy upset, headache, tingling and numbness shooting down arms and/or arms may radiate with a burning sensation.  

Individuals who are highly susceptible to MSG may experience the following symptoms: trouble breathing freely, seizures, irregular heartbeat and anaphylaxis (a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction).

Hot Sauce Adds Flavor But Won't Melt Away Pounds

Hot Sauce: Tried-and-true tummy anchor when ingested by certain individuals. May create tummy flare-ups, indigestion and nausea.

Contrary to popular belief, hot sauce is not a good weapon for weight loss. Mama Jones should allow family members to doctor their food with their own preferred level of heat.

Spices Can Irritate the Gut

Spices: Can add lots of joy to a bland diet, but some spices can add nights of pain and lack of sleep due to digestive woes. 

Mama Jones should evaluate family member's susceptibility to specific spices and eliminate any culprits.

Oh Mama - it appears that Mama Jones has done gone and erupted Diet Havoc in the kitchen!  However, she's still a Queen of a Cook and a healthy cook; she just needs to not have a whole lot of shakin' going on. Go Mama!


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