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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Is Losing Weight Too Quickly a Good Thing?

The Fast & Furious Diet

Dieter Jenna is furious with her current diet plan and is determined to set things straight. Will she succeed?  Oh mommy!

Jenna is in a panic as she views the numbers on her weight loss scales. Grabbing a tissue and dabbing the angry tears from her eyes, she ponders how in the world this happened.

Most probably it's due to her crummy diet, she ponders. Whatever the reason or reasons why, Jenna is determined to get those numbers on the weight scale down.

Eliminate Foods for Losing Weight Quickly, Not a Good Idea

Jenna wants to lose this big bad bulk as quickly as possible! To do such, she decides to eliminate almost all foods from her diet - healthy foods or not.  

She reasons, "It's all about food and the calories therein.  I'll ditch all food, and tomorrow I'll be thin."

Three days later, Jenna has fallen off the wagon and has broken her diet all to pieces. Not even all the King's Horses and the King's Men could put Jenna's diet back together again.  

And why would they even want to? There wasn't much to Jenna's diet, particularly if you discount starvation.

Sad but so, Jenna went on her merry way and her weight continued to spiral.

Causes of Failed Diets

With that said, just where oh where did Jenna go wrong?

Did she cut back too much on her food intake?

Did she lack the Willpower to see her diet through until she achieve her fitness goals?

Did she get depressed over dieting and simply decided that she wasn't able to deal with all the stress?

Click on the link below to learn the answers to these throbbing questions. 

Let's see if we can determine Jenna's weaknesses. continue


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