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Diet Weakness

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Determining Weaknesses in Diet Plans

Let's try to determine the cause of Jenna's failure to lose weight.

Too Little Energy Going Into the Body Triggers Both Weakness & Increases Risk of Failure

quick weight loss solutions Jenna was so desperate to lose weight that she not only cut back too much on her food intake, she whacked her diet to death before it even sprouted.

Even though Jenna had the best of intentions of weight loss, she didn't realize that by cutting back so strictly on her daily diet that she was sending her body into starvation mode.

Metabolism Slows to Save Precious Energy During Starvation Mode

When the body is whirled into starvation mode, the metabolism smartly slows in order to conserve precious energy.  So rather than speeding up weight loss, Jenna was in actuality, slowing down the weight loss process.

Willpower is Great, But Not Everything When it Comes to Losing Body Fat

Jenna had plenty of Willpower at the beginning of her diet.  In part, her desire was focused on her then-current daily diet.

The bathroom weight scales lit the fuse that started Jenna's short-lived diet plan - which is not a bad thing. But the weight scales should only be one of the tools in factoring weight issues.

Other issues that should be incorporated into the Diet Equation should include:

Over all feeling of health, including existing health conditions, activity level and metabolic rate.

Age of individual.

Body frame size, body make up and current weight.

Genes & family history.

A Life Plan is Required to Achieve Permanent Success

Although Jenna desperately wanted to lose weight, she didn't have a plan. 

In short, she failed to give direction to her diet. All Jenna knew, is that Jenna wanted to lose weight - and lose it quickly - to do a Scrooge and decrease the surplus fat population!

In short, Jenna needed to focus her fury on her eating habits rather than necessary food consumption.

We eat, we live. We eat too much, we live too richly. We live too richly, we gain. We gain lots of unnecessary weight.... continue

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