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Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Written by Diet Bites

Obesity Statistics, Frightening

An increase in weight isn't the only increase when it comes to obesity. Grab those tissues - this one's going to be a tear-jerker.

Obesity. We've all heard those frightening statistics associated with the O-word - including crumbling health, crumbling bones, crumbling sex life, crumbling career and crumbling pocketbook.

Some might ask, "If I gain too much weight, will I die earlier?" while others might ask, "If I gain too much weight, will I really lose that job promotion to Thin Larry?" while others might ask, "If I gain too much weight, will I lose my husband or wife to a thinner species? while others may even ask, "If I gain too much weight will God still love me?"

The only answer that we can be certain of to the above questions is that, yes - God will still love you - no matter how much you weigh! Wouldn't it be grand if people could look at other people's hearts rather than judging on looks?  Fat chance, we must say - pun seriously intended.

Obesity is generally associated with an increase in weight.

BUT there are other factors that are increased including: clogged-up arteries, increased self-consciousness over personal appearance, increased risk for disease.  OKAY- enough already!

Obesity, with all the crumbling risks, is something that can be overcome - and not necessarily through a-typical dieting - which by the way, fails more often than not.  

Tips to Reduce Body Fat Without Dieting

Here are a few pointers that may be of help which don't require dieting per-se:

Healthier Eating Plan

If dieting isn't your cup of tea, try switching to a healthy eating plan. 

Knock out desserts; knock out those fried offenders; knock out those fat fats and you'll knock off that excess weight in the process.

Choosing Natural & Raw Foods

Choose foods that are as close to their natural state as possible.  A cup of fresh peaches over peach cobbler might be a difficult choice to make - but give it a try!  

Frozen peaches sprinkled with Splenda and dipped in a wand of light whipped topping can easily top Cobbler Lane.  Rewards are great!  A leaner you which requires smaller everything!

Get on the Move

Go walking, hiking, golfing, swimming - anything to get that body moving.  Even an exciting game of Bingo is better than sitting on the couch molting. Raising the heart rate strengthens the heart and lungs, among other health benefits.

So be of great cheer, my friend. Don't despair and become lost in the sea of failed diet plans.  A major flood doesn't always occur from buckets of rain - rather than by tiny raindrops falling one at a time. Take weight loss one day at a time.


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