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Why Saturated Fat is Bad

Written by Diet Bites

Weight Loss: Saturated Fats in the Diet

Fat, a Contributing Factor for Weight Gain

Lard, oh lard, fat has a "weigh" of tipping those bath scales to TILT.  Seriously speaking, lard is extremely high in saturated fat making it a dieter's fat nightmare.

  • There are other fat nightmares lurking in the dark, including coconut oil and palm oil.

    The Worst Offenders of Saturated Fat, Per Tablespoon

    Here is a breakdown of the saturated fat contained in Fat-Frightening order:

  • Coconut oil contains about 12 grams,

    Palm Oil contains about 7 grams.

    Sesame oil contains about 9 grams.

    Lard contains about 5 grams.

    Limiting Lipids, Limits the Potential of Gaining Extra Pounds

    Keep in mind that 100% of the calories contained in oil above come from fat. While dieting, all of these oils should be avoided due to the saturated fat content.  

    Even after dieting,  as a health-measure saturated fats should be strictly limited.  By limiting the saturated fats in the daily diet, an individual will also be limiting their amount of clogged arteries.  

    USDA Recommendations for Lipids

  • As a rule of thumb, the USDA's current recommendations on fat in the daily diet are as follows:

  • fat based on 30 percent of calories in daily diet

    saturated fat based on 10 percent of calories in daily diet

    Healthier Cooking Oils, Benefits to the Body

    One of the best oils for dieters is olive oil which is high in monounsaturated fat - about 10 grams per Tablespoon.

    Benefits of monounsaturated fat consumption have been linked to the following health benefits when eaten in moderation:

  • reduction of total cholesterol

    reduction of plaque in arteries

    decrease in high blood pressure

    decrease in high glucose levels

    assists in weight loss

    Cooking Sprays, No Calorie Fat Substitutes

    When watching over your good health, as well as the size of your waistline, make use of the no calorie cooking sprays - including no calorie butter sprays that are stored in the refrigerator.

    The no calorie refrigerated butter sprays taste great, even though a little salty, and will satisfy most dieters who are seeking ways to cut calories and fat.  If you are on a sodium restricted diet, check with your doctor before using any product that is extreme in sodium.

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