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Too Much Sugar in Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

First Meal of the Day Loaded With Sugar

Why is it that we never ask after breakfast, "What's for dessert"?  Could it be because most of the breakfast items come with a sweet taste already built in?

Sweet hot and cold cereals, sweet rolls, toast and jams, preserves, pancakes and waffles with syrup - and the sweet list goes on and on.

All the fat and sweetness intertwined in the opening meal of our day does have positive advantages, particularly for the dieter seeking weight loss.

Breakfast jump-starts the metabolism, the fat and fiber content of the meal satisfies the tummy for hours to come, and those individuals who enjoy breakfast also enjoy a more productive morning which gives new meaning to the words, "Rise & Shine!"

The key that dieters should horde is: "Keep breakfast calories within the calorie limits of the diet plan and explore the healthiest foods possible."  

Sugar Brings Lots of Calories into Your Weight Loss Plan

Because of all the sweetness usually found in breakfast, it can be 'one big fat meal'.  On the other hand, in order to jumpstart the metabolism, breakfast can be the key.  

Therefore, make those selections healthy ones that contain a minimal of sugars, as well as fats. And when possible, get the Sugar Rush from natural sugars found in fruity fruits.  Don't you just love the purr of your Metabolism Engine?

How to Tame the Sugar Beast

Here's a different take on breakfast....  

If breakfast is satisfying to your tummy and taste buds whereas lunch and dinner leave you wishing for more substance, perhaps adapting a few of the following tips will help quell those lingering dessert desires.  

Oats for Satiety Power, Dietary Fiber Benefits

bread.gif One of the reasons that Oatmeal, cereals and breads are fantastic in satisfying hunger is because of their high fiber content. Therefore, choose lunch and dinner selections high in fiber. Beans, barley, figs, dates, nuts and seeds are all packed with dietary fiber benefits.

Natural Sweetness vs Refined Sugary Foods

bread.gif Consider adding a bit of natural sweetness to your lunch and dinner meals which will curb the urge for decadent desserts, such as "Diet Death by Chocolate".

Add sweet and tart dried cranberries, currants, golden raisins and dark raisins to your salads.  Top with a single serving of Raspberry Walnut dressing for a Dynamite Diet Taste.

Adding Nuts & Seeds to Recipes Adds Notes of Nutritional Value

bread.gif Awe nuts! Go nuts over lunch and dinner by incorporating some of the nutty breakfast tastes into your meals. Add cashews to chicken, pecans to fish selections and walnuts to fresh baked sweet potatoes.

With all this sweet, nutty, fibery goodness that comes from sources of natural fat, you'll not only feel better, you'll slim down quicker and easier. And that Sweet Tooth won't feel so big and wanting, either.


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