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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

There are so many different methods in which we put on pounds.

Can you identify your hot spots? Doing such can help you achieve a healthier, lighter body - and a home run when it comes to long-term weight management.

The Three Strikes & You're Out Daily Dieter

The 'three strikes & you're out daily dieter' pays close attention to the foods they put on their plates during the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner phases of the day.

They tend to chose foods based on health benefits, as well as calorie benefits.

The downfall occurs outside of the meal-time box commonly known as 'snack time'. A bit of buttered popcorn here, a candy bar there, a handful of chips here - and it all adds up to weight gain at thedaily concession stand.

Many of these types of daily dieters often spend a lot of time pondering why they have gained weight since they have so carefully watched their plates.

However, achieving a 'Daily Diet Home Run' involves not only the plates, but also what lurks between the plates.

The Fly Ball Daily Dieter

The 'fly ball daily dieter' enjoys eating what they wish throughout the day while placing their Weight Gain Fears on the back burner.

They may eat because they simply enjoy the taste of food, or they may experience spontaneous eating triggered by situations around them, such as stress.

This daily dieter may benefit greatly by acknowledging that all those extra calories do add up to weight gain. No matter how much they ignore the fact, consuming more calories than the body uses equals weight gain.

The 'fly ball daily dieter' may also benefit by determining what factors (if any) tend to trigger spontaneous eating.

From there, the individual can begin to address the issue in a positive way by either enlisting the help of their health care giver, or by embracing other positive avenues.

The Ninth Inning Daily Dieter

The 'ninth inning daily dieter' tends to skip eating until they arrive home at the end of a hard day's work.

Many might contest that as long as an individual doesn't go over their necessary daily calories they won't gain weight, but we beg to differ. Here's why:

- When the body's energy needs (calories) are neglected all day, the body's metabolism slows to a snail's pace in order to conserve precious energy.

In turn, a slow metabolism is unable to process the amount of energy that the body would otherwise require when not in starvation mode and those extra calories are stored as fat - even when they come in the form of a carrot.

- Our bodies naturally slow down towards the end of the day as we prepare for the night's rest in conjunction with the setting of the sun.

While the Home Run Dieter enjoyed a healthy breakfast and lunch, their calorie burn was set on high while the 'Ninth Inning Daily Dieter' was starving, left with a metabolism stuck in slow motion.

While the Home Run Dieter enjoys a healthy dinner, their metabolism is still humming along while the 'Ninth Inning DailyDieter' struggles with a still-slow metabolism, thus unable to feel the same level of calorie-burn.

- Evening hours offer less opportunities for activity than daytime hours.

- The body is further taxed due to food overload and although it's hard at work, much of the food consumed late in the evening may still be in the processing mode when the individual pillows their head for the night. Acid reflux, heartburn and other digestive woes may beckon.

Therefore, those 'necessary daily calories' which the body would normally need to maintain current weight are suddenly stretched and in need of decreasing. The old guessing game then ensues.

In Summary - Hitting a Daily Diet Home Run

Choose foods wisely at meal times, as well as healthy snacks in between.

Keep in mind that severely restricting your food intake may have a negative effect on the body in the form of weight gain, particularly when all of the food consumption comes at the end of the day.


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