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The Causes of Weight Gain

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Many Unlikely Factors Can Contribute to Weight Gain

Although food and beverage consumption are the top contributors to weight gain, any of the following may also be responsible for going up a notch or two on that cowhide belt:

Medications That Cause Weight Gain

Some individuals experience an increase in appetite when taking the following medications - which in turn causes weight gain: antidepressants, anti-convulsants and steroid hormones.

These medications may also encourage water retention within the body, which presents the issue of 'false weight gain'.

Birth Mother's Age

With couples waiting longer these days to meet the stork, the result is an increase in the risk of obesity - up to 14% for the newborn for each five-year increment in the birth mother's age.

Lack of Sleep

Research is looking at hormonal changes that prompt weight gain associated with sleep deprivation.

Although medications may assist in managing the sleep cycle, they aren't capable of conquering the sleep deprivation issue.

If you are leery of sleep medications, this article may provide a solution for occasional sleep disruptions.

Environment, Including Global Warming

Synthetic pollutants and toxic chemicals may disturb functions of hormones regulating weight.

In addition, modern technical advances in today's environment has introduced us to conveniences that are not enjoyed without risk - such as non-stick pans.

The chemicals contained in Teflon coating that dislodge from the cooking utensil remain locked inside the body for life and may increase risks for certain types of cancers.

There are also instances where 'natural weight gain' occurs. To view these causes of weight gain, read here


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