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Be Mine, Diet Valentine
How to Avoid Sweet Weight Gain
Cupid, Don't Be Stupid

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Healthy dark chocolate & more savvy tips for you and your Valentine. Time to warm up the massager and get out all of the kinks...

Valentine's Day is cause for much celebration for anyone locked into the Weight Loss Mode.

Sure, there's that tempting heart-shaped candy box that can make the hip area mirror the same, BUT there are also many great healthy choices to please the most finicky of dieters.

Our top Valentine's Day tips for dieters:

Before heading home for a romantic evening beside the fireplace with your special someone, drop by the market and choose from the following diet-wise foods to create an enchanting evening:

- dark chocolate

- BIG, fresh & luscious strawberries

- roasted chicken in the deli

- fresh spinach, dried cranberries, raspberry/walnut salad dressing (light variety) - simply mix for a fab salad that's light in calories but robust in taste

- loaf of fresh baked bread from the deli

- If you decide to enjoy the bubbly, indulge wisely. Spirits are ultra high in calories.

 Light up the room with scented candles to create a magical mood.

Scents not only relax & soothe, some scents even stoke-up a fire in the old furnace. We recommend the scents vanilla, cinnamon & lavender.

 Time to put on the music while you SLOWLY enjoy your Valentine's Day dinner.

 Give one another a nice massage. It may end up being better than entire box of candy and your weight scales sure won't miss the calories.

From Diet Bites to you - Happy Valentine's Day!


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