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Overweight & Overwhelmed

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The physical & emotional effects of weight gain.

That unwanted extra padding on the exterior can be dealt with but often the scars of weight gain do not disappear so easily.

Almost anyone who has ever been overweight has suffered the agony of 'fat-related' comments. "My, you sure have gained weight, haven't you? Why, you're so-so large now. You must really eat a lot, Fatty."

And of course, it's only human nature which prompts us to defend ourselves from humiliation. Some individuals may toss back words of defense while others stand harbored in silence.

Whatever method used, another notch of pain is etched into our diet soul.

Fact is, the emotional scars related to weight gain are real - and can bring on serious consequences. Just a few of the physical and emotional scars which can be triggered by weight gain include the following.

Emotional Scarring from Weight Gain

- Old fat fotos;

- Disrespectful 'fat' words and 'fat comments' uttered by friends, family and strangers;

- Constant fear of future weight gain;

- Haunting memories surrounding weight gain which may be as simple as not fitting into the theme-park ride to as degrading as not receiving that well-deserved job promotion due to being overweight.

Physical Scarring from Weight Gain

- Stretch marks;

- Excess skin when weight is lost;

- Lingering diseases triggered by weight gain including heart disease and diabetes.


In Summary

To overcome weighty issues that can overwhelm, try concentrating on the positive things that you have accomplished.

If you have dropped unwanted pounds, think about the positive things you've created, including a potentially longer, healthier life.

Many times it only takes a short pause in life in order to tweak the tongue. Harsh words are easy to collect but kind words are often rare. And a rare thing is indeed a thing of great value.

If you find that you are simply unable to cope with the negatives that so often accompany weight gain, seeking professional counsel can assist in overcoming the pain.


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