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Cures for Obesity

Written by Diet Bites

Highlighting the Trail to Weight Loss Success

A ray of hope rises over the horizon as researchers work on a cure for obesity. The good news is that there are many irons in the fire and it appears that one day, we may possess the tools necessary for curing obesity.

But amid the calm, reality must be faced. Can a cure for obesity obliterate weight gain? Most individuals experience more difficulty regaining lost weight, than losing the weight.

Diet Bites has often stressed that food is the most challenging addiction residing in the Modern Day World.

Although smoking, alcohol, gambling, drugs and other additions can prove tough vices to conquer, the substances related to these addictive devices can be avoided.

True - with great difficulty, but even so the individual doesn't have to 'face' their demon head-on day after day, after day, after day in order to live. Perhaps emotionally and mentally, but not physically.

That's not the case in those individuals addicted to food - which is one of the most important elements of survival. If we don't eat, we die - so food cannot be avoided. We must 'step up to the plate' each and every day, several times per day. And for those who are unable to control their food cravings, the situation can become damaging not only to the body, but to the emotions, to the mind, often crossing over to impact one's personal life.

With this said, although a cure for obesity may be hovering over our horizon, unless we get to the root of our eating disorders, weight gain will remain a problem in the World of the Future. In addition, there are several other considerations associated with a cure for obesity such as:

 the cost of the pill, shot or obesity cure potion;

 the availability of the obesity cure;

 the duration of the obesity cure, including the length of time that it can be taken safely;

 the health risks posed by reactions some individuals may have to the obesity cure.

The Best & Safest Cures for Obesity

1. There are many types of eating disorders from gorging to purging. Often there is a hidden disease or emotional connection associated with eating disorders, which is why it is so vital for the individual to seek professional advice. Discovering the Eating Triggers that prompt obesity is just one method of conquering obesity.

2. Another cure for obesity lies within the individual - which mirrors my personal situation. One day I decided that I wanted to be thin MORE than I wanted to eat that cookie, that cupcake, that second or third helping of mashed potatoes. The concern for better health outweighed my temptation for food.

3. One cure for obesity is to obliterate all ready-made foods from the kitchen pantry - as well as put a halt to fast food stop-overs. (Hey, I didn't promise this was going to be easy.) Choosing foods from the Food Pyramid is a great method for shrinking the waistline and maintaining a trimmer shape. And it's safe - no reactions from drugs or surgery.

In Summary

The bottom line when it comes to curing obesity is that in order to cure obesity, we must cure weight gain. Obtaining a thinner, healthier body doesn't mean that one can't ever enjoy restaurant or fast food again. It doesn't mean that they can't enjoy the foods associated with holidays and special celebrations. It doesn't mean that they'll need to purchase a new pair of shoes each week because they become worn out from an abundance of exercise.

What it does mean is that once an individual learns the art of controlling what goes into the tummy, they are in control of their weight. Easy? Heck no! But then again, it's a lot easier than continually beating one's self up over being overweight.

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