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Natural Weight Gain
Unexplained Weight Gain

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

There Are Times When the Body Gains Weight Naturally

Outside of hidden health conditions that are often responsible for spurring unexplained weight gain, there are times when the body naturally puts on pounds.

Most of us have been there - at the weight scales wearing nothing but our birthday suit and an unhappy expression due to the unexplained jump in numbers.

It's unfair and unacceptable, and makes us feel powerless to control our weight. What did we eat to jack the numbers up?

Have we been exercising on our iron machines too little? Are we stuck with the Belly Fat Disease because our lives are jumbled with too much stress? And what about those menacing carbs?

Take heart because in some circumstances, weight gain may occur even when an individual maintains the same amount of daily calories and activity levels.

Here are just a few examples of the causes of unexplained weight gain, including natural weight gain.

And of course, if your scales continue to zoom upwards you'll want to visit with your doctor just to ensure that all is well.

Dieting Can Cause Weight Gain

When we strive to reduce our waistline, we in turn reduce our calorie intake - which in turn may reduce the speed of our metabolism.

When the metabolism slows, weight gain may be a pronounced result.

Solution for Weight Gain: Analyze current diet plan to ensure that it isn't too restrictive in calories.

Shaking Our Way to Weight Gain

Water retention is often the culprit when 2-5 pounds mysteriously appear on the scales overnight.

Water weighs heavily and water that has been retained by the body as a reaction to too much sodium intake may take several days to subside - about a day for each pound, depending upon the individual.

Solution for Weight Gain: For those who tend to be effected by water retention due to high sodium intake should pull back the reins on the salt shaker. Salt is a lot like sugar in that the more one uses, the more one craves.

Old Man Winter & Weight Gain Connection

As the colder months approach, our bodies tend to prepare by adding a bit of padding.

Keep in mind that man didn't always live in the comfy environment that most of the world enjoys today. Those extra pounds often meant the difference between survival and death.

Ageing Naturally Spawns Weight Gain

As the body ages, weight gain may occur even when the individual maintains the same number of calories and exercise levels.

Often the senior citizen will cut back on calories and still experience weight gain while maintaining their activity levels.

Although frustrating, the fact is that no matter how many age-resistant products that we have on today's market - from hair color to de-wrinklers, we cannot conquer the ageing process. It's nature's way.

As the body ages, the metabolism slows as the ageing metabolism is much like all things as they grow older. It just isn't as efficient as before.

The good news is that studies indicate that older people who have a little padding tend to live longer and healthier lives.

Having that bit of extra weight may be nature's way of saving life should a sudden illness settle in.

Those extra pounds may make the difference between survival and death.

Sleep Deprivation Triggers Weight Increase

Studies indicate that weight gain may occur due to hormonal changes within the body due to inadequate sleep. In addition, the longer an individual is up and about, there is more opportunity for eating.

Pregnancy & Weight Gain

Weight gain is a natural response to pregnancy. After all, wouldn't it be odd to pick up a 5-pound bag of potatoes and not experience an increase on the scales?

The protective fluid surrounding baby, the placenta, the cord - all of these natural things create natural weight gain.

To the new mother, gaining in the area of twenty pounds might be a bit intimidating. The good news is that those pounds swiftly vanish after the baby is born.

Although we do not recommend that expectant mothers or nursing mothers diet, it's important that the mother be aware of what she is putting into her body.

When the individual becomes so distraught over weight gain during these vital times that they restrict calories, they place their good health in jeopardy.

The baby will pull the nutrients that it needs from the mother's body, in turn impacting the mother's good health.

On the flip-side of the coin, an expectant mother often lives with the 'I'm eating for two' syndrome.

Although baby weight gain is natural weight gain, when the mother packs on pounds not associated with the growth of the baby it makes birth time trickier.

And by the time that baby arrives, the new mother may find that the 'eating for two' syndrome created two of her and had nothing to do with baby.

Although most health experts claim that bearing children has nothing to do with gaining weight, there are too many instances in which the new mother packs on pounds after the arrival of baby - even on those new moms who have kept a monitor on their weight during the pregnancy.

Keeping this in mind, it's smart to continue to monitor the daily diet even after baby arrives to cut weight gain risks.


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