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Written by Diet Bites

Food is Energy - How the body recognizes the foods and drinks that we consume.

3 Diet Bears - Defining 'fat' 'thin' and 'in between'.

Thinking Out of the Diet Box - Sometimes, a standard diet doesn't produce the most favorable results; it's time to start thinking out of the box....

Overweight & Overwhelmed - If you are physically and emotionally impacted by your weight, this article will offer support.

Diet Dipstick - Dieting is complicated; it's time to simplify and get the most out of our weight loss plan.

Be Mine, Diet Valentine - Yes, you can have chocolate, celebrate Valentine's Day - and yes, lose weight too.

Fat Cat to Purfect - Weight loss and dieting tips that show you how to go from Fat Cat to Purfect.

Can't Lose Weight - We have solutions that can assist.

What You Wear Can Make You Look Slimmer - How to look slimmer without dieting.

What Causes Weight Gain? - Weight gain causes discussed extensively. Unlikely Causes of Weight Gain | Natural Causes of Weight Gain

Weight Loss - When Excitement Overpowers Diet Sanity - Using your mind power to conquer weight gain.

Simple Tips for Weight Loss That Really Work - Weight Loss Tips for your diet plan.

I Hate Exercise - If you hate exercise, we have tips to help.

10 Dieting Mistakes - We need a perfect diet for weight loss success - and in this article, we'll root out the potential for costly weight gain mistakes.

Weight Whys - Weight loss discussed extensively with answers to many common dieter's questions.

Eating May Be Addictive - Solutions for winning the eating addiction battle.

Calorie Snapshot - Dueling food shoot-out; who will win?

Holiday OR Anytime Cake Tips for Dieters- Holiday cake tips.

What is That White Filling in Donuts? - Just what is that masked white wonder?

Counting Sheep to Sleep - Over the counter sleeping remedies come with potentially harmful side effects. There is a better way.

Cures for Obesity - Is a cure for obesity in our near future?

Fill Up Without Filling Out- Foods with awesome satiety power.

What Goes Up, Must Come Down - Excellent tips for getting the bathroom scales to go down rather than up.

When the Waistline Refuses to Go to Waste - Toxins and weight gain, how they are related.

Counting Calories Isn't an Exact Science - Calories are never identical for the same food choice due to several elements.

The Low Cholesterol Diet - Information on cholesterol and its relation to weight. Cholesterol Myths & Facts | Vytorin | Zetia | Lipitor

Fire Ant Chili - Our delicious chili recipe, low in caloric content and dietary fat grams.

Chicken Pot Pie - Our delicious recipe for skinny chicken pot pie.

Appetite vs Food Cravings - How to separate hunger from true appetite.

Skinny Model Era May be Vanishing - Will skinny models soon be a thing of the past? Let's hope so...

The Transfer of Trans Fats - Information about the distribution of different fats once they enter the body. Foods Highest in Trans-Fats | Trans-Fats in Fast Foods

Sinderella Butternut Squash - Using butternut squash to assist in losing pounds.

Bean Calories - Nutrition data for legumes.

The Fast Food Diet - Detailed menu featuring fast food options for dieters based on caloric values.

Tell Your Diet to Take a Hike! - How weight loss is like taking a hike.

Weight Loss Isn't Easy - The difficult road to weight loss explained in detail and tips for making it to the end.

Food Association - How to avoid weight gain when we are tempted by the way foods smell and look.

Korean Pine Nut Extract Challenges Obesity - Can the Korean Pine Nut offer solutions for obesity? Also included, nutritional information for the American Pine Nut.

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