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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weight Gain Causes, Examine Your Daily Diet

Causes of weight gain in the daily diet.

Although many things influence the numbers on our scales, the most controlling factor is based on what goes through the lips.

The good news is that we can control our weight by monitoring our daily diets.

Choosing foods that are naturally lower in calories, trimming the fat and skin from meats, as well as skipping fried foods impact our diets in a positive manner by reducing the number of calories and fat grams contained in our food selections.

In the area of dairy products, opting for the reduced-fat or low fat versions can save 1/2 or more of the calories of regular dairy products - depending upon the food choice.

For example, one slice of cheese may contain 140 calories whereas the reduced-fat slice may contain 50 calories.

Where cottage cheese is concerned, the light versions typically contain about 110 calories where regular versions contain 130 - so you're only saving about 20 calories whenopting for the reduced fat versions, and of course you're also saving fat grams.

While regular sour cream contains about 60 calories per serving the light version contains about 40 calories - again, about a 20-calories savings.

While every little bit adds up, at times it makes losing weight more enjoyable when we allow certain products into our daily diet - like the regular sour cream.

Keeping this in mind, we have friendly recipes for those occasions when a special craving may hit - which in turn may save you a lot of calories and weight gain.

Salt & False Weight Gain

Sodium (salt) can add several false pounds to the weighing scales as salt tends to trigger water retention within the body. The Sodium Chart below demonstrates how we obtain salt in the daily diet.

Dessert Suggestions for Lower Calorie Option

For Dessert, Try Fresh Fruit & Whipped Topping for About 75 Calories

1 cup of very red, very ripe strawberries or peaches or blueberries or your favorite fruity selection; you can even mix and match

4 Tablespoons of fat-free whipped topping

Ground Cinnamon

1 Tablespoon of dark or light brown sugar

Slice the strawberries, then sprinkle with cinnamon and brown sugar; add topping.


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