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I Hate Exercise

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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If you hate exercise, join the millions around the world. There aren't many individuals who race to the gym, anxious to get the old muscles pumping.

Yes, they love the results - but frankly, most would rather be sailing or dancing or taking a nature hike rather than huffing, puffing and sweating on the iron machines.

It's the old adage, 'no pain, no gain' way of thinking.

Okay - so there are a few individuals who eat, live and breathe for the iron machines, but the majority of individuals - including those who are faithful exercisers, would rather be having fun than sweating off the pounds.

But wait. Those things mentioned above - sailing, dancing and a nature hike, aren't these fun things a good mode of exercise? You bet your sweet bippy.

Since we know that the old way of thinking isn't working for the majority of the world, perhaps it's time to rethink the way that we think about exercise.

Boring exercise is just one reason why individuals hate exercise. Here are a few more:

"Exercise is painful, leaving behind sore muscles, aching joints and tootsie blisters."

"I don't have time to exercise!"

"I hate sweating, huffing, puffing - okay, it's unattractive."

"Exercise just doesn't work for me."

Let's see if we can address some of the above issues related to exercise:

To avoid sore muscles, be sure to warm up and cool down. Start out slowly and increase activity level over time. Cherry juice has also been associated with warding off pain due to exercise, as has a couple of Ibuprofen before exercise time.

If you find that exercise is too time consuming, take a good look at your daily schedule.

If you like to watch a bit of telly in the evening, perhaps exercise equipment would be a perfect mode of exercise. Time passes swiftly when we're having fun.

Look for down-time during your day. If you work, take a couple of brisk walks during break time. If you pass a gym during the day, it might be a good idea to join. You can be in and out in about 30 minutes.  Bottom Line: Make exercise convenient.

If you feel unattractive due to sweating, huffing and puffing OR if you just don't like to sweat, huff or puff, grab a damp towel to wipe down with while exercising, then grab a relaxing shower after activity time.

Try to think of sweating as expressing toxins from the body. Try to think of huffing and puffing as a method of building lung power.

If you find that exercise doesn't work, first off make sure that you aren't trying to target one area on the body.

There are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there that would have us believe that they can blast away our belly fat. Grab a tissue while I tell you a little secret truth.

It's impossible to target one area of the body because the exterior of our bodies mirrors the interior. Everything must stay in balance. Okay - quit crying, because it isn't all bad.

Let's say that you have a desire to shrink the bun area. What if you did the miracle exercise the incorrect way and ended up with one side thinner than the other? No one wants a lopsided hind-side.

In addition, too often we are trained to expect too much.

Although most everyone would like a body bulging with muscles and peaks of desire, not many individuals achieve such. In you're in the 'not many' group, strive to achieve the following:

A fit body with enduring powers;

A desire to exercise regularly;

A trimmer body;

Strive to achieve a feeling of invigoration.

If you find that exercise wears you out, you may be overdoing it. If not, see Mr. Doctor asap to rule out health conditions where tiredness is a symptom.

In Summary

- Enjoy exercise and make it convenient;

- Make it a part of you;

- Warm up, cool down - slim down with exercise.


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