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When the Waistline
Refuses to Go to Waste

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Flushing Out Toxins by Keeping on Track

Irregularity is flat miserable. And not only is it miserable, it can add 'false pounds' to the body, lending the appearance of a bigger belly due to locked-in wastes.

The ability to 'empty the gut' has a similar effect to popping a balloon.

And the trick is in obtaining regularity naturally rather than through self-inflicted methods which can lead to issues connected with eating disorders, as well as damage the digestive system.

Feeling the Misery

One of the reasons why irregularity makes a body feel so miserable is due to toxins that remain trapped within.

Pressure also builds whenever our intestines aren't working correctly, which may increase risk for impacted bowels and yes, increased misery.

Combating Irregularity

Dieters tend to be effected by a slow-down in the intestines due to a restricted intake of food. During the digestive process, the broken-down particles of food get distributed throughout the body where needed.

What isn't used passes out of the body through the intestines.

With a decrease in food, a decrease in unused food particles occurs thus at times, stagnating the elimination process.

Although over the counter fiber supplements abound aplenty, grabbing fiber naturally is the best method for combating a sluggish metabolism. Here are some other tips:

- Grab raw vegetables & fruits to relieve sluggishness.

Health Tip

A medium-size bag of shredded cabbage contains about 100 calories.

Add just a sprinkle of celery seed, a Tablespoon of light Miracle Whip, a Tablespoon of Splenda and a dash of milk to create a delicious, stimulating slaw that will get the system moving for less than 150 calories.

- Drink adequate water;

- Get plenty of exercise;

- Keep stress under control.

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