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Fat Cat to Purfect

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How to make weight loss the cat's meow.

Let me take off my fat suit and slip into something more comfortable. Something less bulky - something lighter and less tighter...

Granted, it doesn't take an Einstein to know that losing weight isn't a challenge that most individuals greet with open arms, but accomplishing such can take the jiggle out of those arms while at the same time fill them with all sorts of good things - like better health and a longer life.

Perhaps not nine lives, but indeed a more productive, rewarding life with health benefits such as the following:

Weight loss delivers more pounce in your steps;

Losing weight makes the heart purr more smoothly and in turn opens up a gateway of healthy circulatory & respiratory benefits;

Conquering weight, as well as weight gain can make you the master of your weight scales;

Balance & climbing skills can be greatly improved by dropping those extra pounds;

Stalking the Celery: Losing extra pounds can produce a finicky eater - prompting the daily dieter to chose healthier, wholesome foods over fat-filled objects.

Go, Diet Cat, go! Begin by pouncing on those weight scales and taking a reading.

Next, 'pause' to think about what you want to put into your tummy BEFORE the fact.

Doing so after the fact only allows room for regret. Opt for fruits at snack time and ignore sugary beverages when refueling fluid needs.

Be a stubborn Diet Cat - refusing to surrender your diet plan until all the weight is gone.

Doing such can produce the Diet Yo-Yo effect which generally produces a fatter-cat effect.

Lazy Body Equals a Body Which Burns Minimal Calories

Don't be a lazy cat - patter into the wild blue yonder with your head & tail held high. Find fun in roaming the hills and wandering about the countryside - whether you're walking, hiking, riding a bike, climbing or simply getting out & about.

Moving not only burns calories, it strengthens the body.

No - losing weight isn't gonna be easy - but you can do it! Stay tuned to Diet Bites & we'll assist you with weight loss while helping you get back on the fast-track to good health.


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