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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Highlighting the Trail to Weight Loss Success

Just the smell of fresh popcorn can trigger our food desires. But something deeper and dearer to the heart may be our strongest trigger for eating.

Foods and the experiences that surround them are deeply locked into our memory banks.

The Thanksgiving dinner that featured Grandma's delicious pumpkin pie, the birthday party that featured a devil's food cake and the Bible School week where we enjoyed sugar cookies and punch  - as well as the hot buttered popcorn we enjoyed while watching a super-duper movie are all embedded within our memory banks.

Because the experiences surrounding these-type foods are positive, we may even pull out these foods for comfort from time to time.

A Fun, Dieting Experiment

Just for Diet Fun, think about three foods that you really enjoy best. Next, see if you can answer the following questions associated with these favorite foods:

How were you introduced to each of the favorite foods? For example: Did you create them? Were they served by a  beloved family member or friend during your youth?

Were these foods part of a celebration?

How often do you enjoy these favorite foods? Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly?

How much of these favorite foods do you enjoy at one sitting? As much as you want? A serving? Two? Just a bit?

How do you think these foods would taste if they were slimmed down in calories and fat?

How to Enjoy Favorite Foods Without Them Enjoying Your Hips

Sometimes, creating a recipe to decrease calories and fat will destroy the taste of the food.

Frankly, it just may not taste the same. However, there are foods where a bit of savvy substitution can create a mock-replica of that favorite food. So when possible, opt for this healthy opportunity. If not, work on limiting Favorite Goody Consumption.

Whenever you enjoy a favorite food, always transfer it to a pretty small plate or container.

Eating from the box, the bag or the package container generally leads to eating more than the individual intended.

However, because the goody is so good, they are unable to limit the goody during the consumption phase. It is only after they have consumed too much that they find themselves swimming in the Sea of Diet Regret.

If you insert your favorite food into your diet each and every day, as long as you limit the goody to a single serving and keep an eye on the total calories consumed for the day, you can't inflict that much Diet Damage.

Of course, if the goody contains say....1,000 calories and you're living on salads for the remainder of the day, it's time to pause and apply some good diet sense. I've been guilty of this situation during my early Diet Life and frankly, a day of salads is for the birds.

The wise Diet Choice is to enjoy just a bit of that favorite goody, then concentrate on fueling the body with the vital nutrients that it requires to function properly.


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