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Tell Your Diet to Take a Hike!

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weight Loss Is Challenging

Have you ever climbed a tall tree or mountain and when you reached the top, you felt like a scaredy cat - too frightened to climb down?

This situation is a lot like weight loss.

Going up the mountain, we look to our right and there sits the healthy food pyramid, looking strong and proud.

However, it's just not tall enough to suit our daily food 'wants'.

Body Needs OVER Body Wants & Desires for Food

Sure, it'll suit our body's 'needs', but TODAY, we are having way too much fun climbing up our self-created food pyramid. Like Scarlet O'Hara, tomorrow we'll hop onto the healthy food pyramid.

By and by, we stop climbing on our self-created food pyramid and take a glance down - at our bathroom scales.

Yikes - can those numbers be right? Suppose so. In an attempt to shrink the numbers on our weight scales, we begin the tedious descent.

Unfortunately, the way down for many individuals often leads to dangerous falls.

Sometimes, an individual may land on a ledge and due to their nasty experience they'll choose to continue climbing up rather than proceeding down.

If this sounds familiar, there are many ways to safely climb down safely.

Here are just a few tips that we hope will have you climbing to weight loss success.

Kick Butter to the Curb to Lose Pounds

Kicking butter out of the old knapsack will help the dieter to avoid potential slips on the way down.

Monitor Sodium Consumption

Tossing the old salt shaker out will also help the dieter avoid spills. With most individuals getting too much sodium in the diet, the incidents of heart issues are on the rise.

Another weight loss perk is that sodium tends to greatly encourage water retention; water retention weighs heavily on the scales and may take several days to flush from the system.

Pick Fresh, Natural Foods for Your Diet Plate, Menus & Snacks

Pausing to pick fresh fruit and vegetables along the way down a self-created food pyramid allows the dieter to take time out as they fill up withstrength and vigor.

Fresh fruits and vegetables also fills up the dieter without weighing them down with excessive calories and fat. The lighter the dieter, the less likely the chance of crashing down the self-created food pyramid like a Roman candle out of control.

And those healthy fruits and veggies also help transport the dieter from the self-created food pyramid to the healthy food pyramid.

Choose a Healthy Diet Plan Over a Fad Diet Plan

Using a healthy diet plan is one of the smartest and safest ways of climbing down.


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