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Simplifying Weight Loss
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Simplify Your Weight Loss Plan

Is the swarm of weight loss information circling the Diet Village these days making you feel like a Diet Dipstick - more confused than ever when it comes to losing weight? If so, it's time to simplify...

Our 10 Top Tips for the Diet-Challenged

1. Reduce Calories Wisely

Weight loss occurs when daily calories are reduced. However, reducing calories to the extreme causes the metabolism to slow down, thus combating weight loss.

2. The Exercise Factor

Although exercise intensifies weight loss results while strengthening the body (as well as the metabolism), the daily diet is King when it comes to generating weight loss.

Why so? Because it takes quite a while to burn off calories through exercise - the amount dependent upon the type and length of the activity chosen. On the other hand, it takes mere moments to slay a plethora of calories found in a chunk of cake, a wad of buttered mashed potatoes, and a wide spoon of gravy.

3. Carbs Bad

Carbs are a healthy part of the daily diet. The trick to choosing carbs is to reach for the complex carbs such as grains which in turn are packed with fiber. Example of carbs to avoid can be found in the Simple Carb category and include foods such as donuts, cakes and cookies. (Bummers!)

4. Smack Snacks

Cutting snack time from the daily diet could equal 'the pin to the balloon'. So rather than reaching for a tall glass of chocolate milk (which is generally closer to 3 cups than 1) and a giant candy bar, try reaching for a cup of skim milk and a nice juicy peach.

5. Waiting on Weight Loss

Although it didn't take long to gain those unwanted pounds, it takes a while to lose them. Patience and lots of rice cakes may prove helpful while playing the 'weighting' game.

6. Fab or Fad Diet?

A good old-fashioned diet plan which supports a daily diet based on the food pyramid, moderate exercise and a reduction in daily calories to achieve weight loss offers a much higher rate of long-term weight loss success than a popular fad diet. Be fab!

7. Man or Machine?

Push-ups, sit-ups, standing windmills, hip hoisting and butt lifts are exercises that were all created by 'Man'. Man-created exercises, as well as Man-created exercise machines can be beneficial in achieving weight loss and can assist in targeting different areas of the body.

However, when it comes to the perfect exercise, it's hard to beat walking. It's fun, it's cheap, and best of all, it delivers weight loss results.

8. Lite or Fluffy?

If you cannot tolerate the light, lite and reduced fat versions of your favorite foods, then go fluffy! Simply add the calories into your daily diet 'Total Amount of Daily Calories'. There may be a few extra calories to add into the mix, but when your taste buds are satisfied, it equals a more satisfied tummy and in turn, a more satisfying diet plan.

9. Backing Up Weight Loss Results

One of the most important elements of a good weight loss plan is to have a back-up plan in place.

If a golden filled sponge cake appears to be your biggest temptation, think about what you could do to remain on your diet without going overboard when faced by such. And if you do the golden thing, what then?

Having a back-up plan can assist you in remaining on your diet until all the unwanted weight is lost, once and for all.

10. Diet Bites

How could we possibly wind up this article without tossing in a little spill for Diet Bites? For the latest and greatest in weight loss, dieting & health matters - we hope that you'll tune in to get your daily dose of Diet Bites.


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