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Can't Lose Weight

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Getting on the Fast Track to Weight Loss Success

Just about anyone who has ever been overweight has at one time or another felt that they couldn't lose the excess weight.

An individual may feel this way for any of the following reasons.

Overwhelmed by Body Weight

They have so much weight to lose that they feel  it's impossible;

They can't get motivated to lose weight;

They can't find a diet plan that works;

Their current circumstances prohibit a low-stress weight loss plan.

This situation may occur when the individual is not in charge of planning their own meals.

Spouses, teens, even senior citizens who are unable to pick and choose their meals may find the task of losing weight insurmountable.

Now that we have recognized some of the common reasons why many individuals feel like they can't lose weight, let's bullet-point some of the reasons why they may be overweight.

Why Am I Overweight? Common Causes Include:

They are consuming more calories than their body uses;

The individual may have a hidden health issue contributing to weight gain such as diabetes, allergies or a pesky thyroid problem;

There is inadequate activity to balance food intake;

Their current diet may require a simple makeover;

The individual may be dieting and can't lose weight because they are stuck on a Weight Loss Plateau.

Never Give Up in Attempting to Get to a Healthy Level

If you find that you just can't manage dropping those extra pounds, please don't give up! By allowing time to pass, you're allowing more opportunity for more pounds to hop on board.

To get on the fast-track to weight loss, first work to identify the reason(s) why you cannot lose weight. Next, if you can't find any motivation in your knapsack, join a weight loss group for support. Talk to your doctor or nutritionist.

It's easy to put the things that we don't like to do off until tomorrow. It takes great courage to grab the Diet Bull by the horns and tame the savage beast - and that is exactly what you must do starting TODAY. Okay? Good!


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