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Reducing Calories in Recipes

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Comparing Calories in Foods Via Cooking Methods

Going from fat to thin can be as simple as readjusting the foods on your plate at mealtime.

Just look at the table below to see the effect that a bit of rearranging can have on the old bath scales.

Choosing foods closest to nature cuts calories by more than two-thirds. A tip: Look for foods found in their natural wrappers - such as bananas and other fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds.

Caloric comparison of same foods that have been cooked via different preparation methods.

Just look at the vast caloric difference!

The foods closest to Mother Nature contain about 2/3rd's the number of calories and significantly lower dietary fat grams.

Calorie Comparison, More Natural Foods vs Foods Containing Added Fats

Calorie Snapshot - How Trimming Fat From the Daily Diet Trims Fat From the Waistline...

Foods Closest to Nature


1/2 cup of egg noodles, cooked


1/2 cup of white chicken, roasted - meat only, no skin


1 cup of green beans


Whole Grain Bread (1 slice  with 1/2 pat of butter)


Baked Apple (small) with cinnamon, 1/2 pat butter, 1 teaspoon of brown sugar


Ice Tea, unsweetened


Total Calories:


Foods Flavored With Fat


1 cup of Mac 'n Cheese


Fried Chicken - 1 breast


1 cup of green bean casserole


Garlic Cheese Bread (1 small wedge)


Apple Pie (1/8 of apple pie)


Sweet Ice Tea (6 ounces)


Total Calories:


In Conclusion

Who would think that a cup of macaroni and cheese, 1 cup of green bean casserole, a wedge of bread and 1 chicken breast could add up to so many calories?

Although all of these foods are delicious, so are their lower-calorie counterparts. And when it comes down to the bottom line, isn't getting rid of that excess weight worth the small sacrifice?

Bottom Line: Cutting fat in the diet helps trim fat off the waistline. Enjoy the flavors offered by Mother Nature and Father Earth rather than foods flavored with fat.


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