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Low Calorie Recipe
Butternut Squash

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Our Low Fat Recipe for Butternut Squash

To prepare a filling treat that is out of this Diet World, here is my original recipe for Sinderella Butternut Squash...

Carefully split a washed butternut squash in half. It will halve much easier when placed into the microwave for a couple of minutes, but be sure to make a slit in the squash to allow it to vent and prevent the squash from exploding before placing into the microwave.

Use Caution When Cutting the Winter Varieties of Large Squash

Take note that you should use extra caution whenever working with the winter varieties as they all have a tough outer peeling or skin on them.

You may be tempted to use a large knife and if you should push forward on the handle and the hand should slip forward - you could actually loose part of your hand or fingers in the process.

This is why we suggest placing the specimen into the microwave so that the outside isn't so hard.

Take note that the cooking time in our cheapo unit will differ from your own - so use your good logic when using this method.

Removing it every thirty seconds and checking is a good idea until you know how long it will take for your microwave to soften the outside of this vegetable - although botanically speaking, it's really a fruit because it blooms.

Speaking of which, if you have ever grown summer yellow crookneck varieties, you can indeed use the blooms in recipes.

I was reminded today in my own humble kitchen of how tough these winter varieties can be; we had purchased an Acorn Squash on our last trip to the market.

It's almost fall and we're so excited about seeing some cooler temperatures move into the south, as well as seeing some colors develop on the trees and bushes here. It's not much, but beggars can't be choosy, eh?

I had place the Acorn into the microwave after washing the exterior and drying it, and I called my husband into the kitchen to ask him to cut it in half.

Every time that I have done such, I've always been so concerned about my hand slipping. As I've aged, I'm not so strong in the wrists anymore and typing so much certainly hasn't helped matters.

Anyway, I probably made him nervous because at the time, I was nervous about him cutting the thing in half; I would feel terrible - asking him to do something, then him getting hurt in the process because of such.

He was wise though and used a large knife, placing the squash on a cutting board. He sliced it straight downwards and it cut right in two. Drama over. It was time to cook.

How to Prepare this Diet Butternut Squash Recipe

For the next step in our recipe, you will need to scoop out the seeds and membrane, then wash the flesh clean.

You don't want to be sitting at the table with friends or family and end-up with a membrane hanging out of your mouth - or get one caught in your choppers, either. So be sure to remove all of them. They look like strings of sort - and they can be very strong.

Place the squash into a microwave-safe dish - top side up with exposed flesh placed onto the bottom of the dish, then add about an inch of water into the bottom of the dish.

Cover with plastic wrap and microwave for about 5 to 12 minutes, again - depending upon the brawn of your microwave.

Serving Suggestions

Carefully remove, keeping in mind that when you remove the plastic you're also going to release the scalding steam.

Place into a serving dish and top with the following: 1 teaspoon of no-calorie butter spray or a serving of reduced fat margarine, ground cinnamon, 1 Tablespoon of golden brown sugar, 1/4 cup of sugar-free syrup such as Cary's or Log Cabin.

Absolutely delicious - and this will leave you feeling full for hours and hours to come.

One cup of butternut squash contains 102 calories. One-half of a small butternut squash prepared with the above recipe contains about 230 calories.


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