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Bean Calories & Nutritional Information

Written by Diet Bites

Beans - Quite Magical to Good Health

Wise Jack. You know the boy - the one who traded the family's run-down old cow for a bag of magical beans.

He knew the brilliance in opting for plant proteins over animal proteins - the treasure of enjoying a food that contains a boat-load less of cholesterol and dietary fat content while being super-wealthy in dietary fiber grams.

That silly mother of his didn't know such; like an idiot - she tossed all of those healthy beans out of the window and then all heck broke loose.

She almost did-in her own kid as she invited a giant into the picture. Of course, our wise Jack saved the day - along with his life when he conquered the giant, got the goose, the golden eggs and all that jazz.

Thankfully, his mama listened to him when he called for his axe - or the story may have ended with an entirely different outcome.

After the fall of the great vine, Jack went on to more profitable things in life.

He moved away, purchased a castle and enjoyed a bait of beans each and every day of his very long life. And because there were so many different species - he enjoyed a different variety at every meal, never  becoming bored.

One of his favorites was the Adjuki bean. Because it's not a common species, his lackeys had to visit special markets in order to purchase them, but they were certainly worth the effort - for their 1224 milligrams of potassium benefits alone.

Another one of his favorites at meal time was the chick pea - also known as the Garbanzo.

He usually requested to his cook that the chick peas be roasted on the stove top in just a tab of extra virgin olive oil for about ten minutes. He often paired this bean with steamed corn tortilla shells, a well-rounded salad from his bountiful vegetable garden and a bowl of sweet berries for dessert.

As to his mother, she grew old and remained at the old homestead and was often visited by his cousin named Red who was known for her hooded cape......

Nutrition Facts, Calories in Beans

Bean Variety









Fava Beans (Broadbeans)

187 cal

12.92 g

0.68 g

33.40 g

 9.2 g

61 mg

2.55 mg

456 mg

Lima Beans, canned

176 cal

10.10 g

0.72 g

33.06 g

13 g

70 mg

4.00 mg

706 mg

Mung Beans, canned

15 cal

1.75 g

0.07 g

2.67 g

 0.16 g

18 mg

0.54 mg

34 mg

Navy Beans

258 cal

15.8 g

0.10 g

15.8 g

 10 g

128 mg

4.5 mg

670 mg

Pinto Beans

235 cal

 15.8 g

0.10 g

44 g

7 g

81 mg

4.5 mg

495 mg

Shellie Beans

74 cal

4.31 g

0.47 g

15.17 g

8.3 g

71 mg

2.43 mg

267 mg

Green Beans, Snap

36 cal

2 g

0.24 g

8.40 g

3.6 g

58 mg

2.16 mg

220 mg

Lima Beans

209 cal

11.58 g

0.54 g

40.19 g

9.0 g

54 mg

4.17 mg

969 mg

Adzuki Beans

294 cal

17.30 g

0.23 g

56.97 g

16.8 g

64 mg

4.60 mg

1,224 mg

Black Beans

227 cal

15.24 g

0.93 g

40.78 g

15.0 g

46 mg

3.61 mg

611 mg

Cranberry Beans

241 cal

16.53 g

0.81 g

43.29 g

17.7 g

88 mg

3.70 mg

685 mg

Great Northern Beans

209 cal

14.74 g

0.80 g

37.33 g

12.4 g

120 mg

3.77 mg

692 mg

Kidney Beans - all varieties

225 cal

15.35 g

0.89 g

40.36 g

11.3 g

50 mg

5.20 mg

713 mg

Pink Beans

252 cal

15.31 g

0.83 g

47.17 g

9.0 g

88 mg

3.89 mg

859 mg

Chick Peas (Garbanzo Beans)

269 cal

14.53 g

4.25 g

44.97 g

12.5 g

80 mg

4.74 mg

477 mg

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