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1300 Calorie Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

1300 Calories Always was my lucky number...

Our sweet diet plan is based on prepared meals found at your local market. Calories can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

Have you ever contemplated those prepared meals so widely advertised? 'Instant' meals can create a home run situation for dieters.

Although there is a lot of talk about conquering the glycemic index, melting the fat content and blowing up carbs in most of the ad spills surrounding prepared meals, the real reason why prepared meals work to generate weight loss include the following.

Low Calories!

When it comes to weight loss, a reduction in calories is the bull's eye. The circles surrounding the bull's eye help to support weight loss, as well as make weight loss more productive. The circles might represent exercise, relaxation techniques, books or tapes that motivate the dieter to drop pounds.

Prepared meals stymie desperate munching attempts, including potential bingeing. 

You know the feeling. You just got off from a hard day's work and on top of things, you're on this BIG diet. You've been Diet Good all day.

However, right now you're tired and hungry. In fact, you're so tired that you may not make it alive through tomorrow - a thought that passes your mind just as you pass by your favorite fast-food stop. So why not stop?

You're too tuckered to cook tonight. Fast food is so easy. And it's cheap!

The above situation would be greatly altered if one knew they had a nice prepared meal waiting at home, wouldn't it?

Diet Positives for Prepared Meals

Convenience with little to no clean-up.

Most prepackaged meals come in nifty containers that can be heated in the microwave, then disposed of after dining.

- Food choices that can be made instantly. If you don't like one meal, choose another instantly.

Diet Negatives for Prepared Meals

- Cost. Dieting isn't cheap.

- That's not all! Most prepackaged meals do not come fully-complete and recommend that the dieter add their own veggies, fruits and snacks - making the bottom-line cost appear much lower than advertised.

1300 Calorie Diet Plan

Although it takes a bit of effort to personally prepare meals in advance so they are instantly available, a tight personal schedule makes it difficult for some.

If this appears to mirror your situation and if you have contemplated a prepared meal plan, by taking a pilot-run with our 1,300 Calorie Diet Plan, you may be able to determine if prepared dining is the Weight Loss Ticket for you. And it's simple! How simple? THIS simple:

Breakfast: 300 calories. Selections may include:

1 egg + 2 strips of bacon + 1 slice of toast;

2 waffles with a smear of butter and a bit of sugar-free syrup;

Bowl of cold cereal, milk with a sliced banana;

Warm cereal such as oatmeal & cream of wheat with a smear of butter + 1 spoon of brown sugar.

Lunch & Dinner: 800 calories total.

Pick up 2 healthy, diet-wise selections from the frozen food section at your local market.

Most range from 160 calories to just under 400 calories per entree.

Great choices include: Stouffers Lean Cuisine & Healthy Choice. Add fresh whole grain bread, veggies, canned soup or a salad with light dressing to EACH meal for a total of 800 calories for both lunch & dinner.

Snacks: 200 calories total.

- Add a couple of healthy snacks to your daily diet totaling 200 calories. Choices may include: skim milk, light fruit juices, fruits, nuts, seeds, raw veggies or popcorn.

Beverages & Activity Suggestions

- Add zero OR low calorie beverages to your daily diet plan.

- Activity accelerates weight loss.

In Summary

Our 1,300 calorie diet can be easily adjusted to suit personal calorie needs while losing weight. It's important to keep in mind that the more weight an individual has to lose, the higher the BEGINNING daily calorie allotment needs to be.

For example, if Harriet needs to lose 20 pounds, a 1,300 calorie diet might be perfect for her. On the other hand, if Harry needs to lose 175 pounds, a 1,300 calorie diet could prove deadly.

Please meet with your personal doctor who can recommend the safest allotment of daily calories for you during your Weight Loss Phase.

If you find that prepared meals work for you in generating weight loss, you may wish to consider one of the widely advertised diet plans such as Nutri-System® which is endorsed by famous celebrities and which has been proven as a valued avenue for weight loss for many individuals who have achieved Weight Loss Success.

The Nutri-System® plan wisely offers several diet plans based on gender and age (men, women, seniors).


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