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10 Dieting Mistakes

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Ten dieting mistakes that can strangle a diet to death.

1. Cutting snacks and favorite foods from your diet.

Show me a dieter who just jumped off the Diet Bandwagon and I'll show you a post-dieter racing to grab those favorite foods that were eliminated during Diet Time.

No matter what that favorite food might be, the post-dieter is incapable of stopping at 'just one'. They'll continue cramming in those favorite goodies until there is no room left in the end (or is that inn?).

By adding favorite foods into your weight loss plan, your odds of achieving diet success are high. This also allows the individual to control those favorite foods rather than the foods controlling them.

2. Thinking a healthy diet is temporary.

Sad but so, one cannot have a trim, healthy body without permanently embracing a healthy daily diet.

Losing excess weight is just the first step in achieving a higher level of fitness, and in turn a longer, healthier life.

The good news is that going on a Weight Loss Diet is temporary. A Healthy Daily Diet is forever.

3. Making too many sacrifices at once.

A diet requires 100% attention from the dieter.

When other life-changing elements are factored into the Diet Equation, the percent of Diet Success may greatly decrease.

A few examples of life-changing elements include: quitting smoking, a new job, a new relationship and divorce (which may be caused by that new relationship...)

4. Buying a dog or exercise machine to force daily exercise.

A dog should never be considered 'Man's Best Exercise Friend' first and foremost. Like humans, dogs have needs. A dog can live 20+ years. A lot of dog chow accumulates over the years - not to mention vet bills. Like most domesticated animals, dogs tend to bond with their masters.

And if the master decides to do away with their exercise program along with their exercise buddy, separation can create deep emotional issues within the pet.

An exercise machine is eons cheaper than the bills which accompany Man's Best Friend, but purchasing one to force daily exercise might make life miserable.

Exercise should be enjoyable and doesn't have to equal walking in space at half-hour intervals.

Instead, take a walk in the park, at the local mall, or around your backyard. Breathing in the fresh air will not only strengthen the lungs, it will also sharpen your senses.

5. Listening to negative diet advice.

When dieting, listen to your body talk rather than friends and family. Begin your weight loss plan with a solid diet plan plus a solid activity plan.

Although those around us generally mean well, simple words can create powerful restraints within us, particularly when coming from those we love.

A successful weight loss plan allows no room for doubt or hesitation - and what works for one individual may not work for another to produce weight loss success.

6. One-food diets.

Although hugely popular among dieters, one-food diets are rarely (if ever) successful in delivering long-term weight loss.

Shortly after diving into that 'Six Bananas a Day Diet', weight gain quickly ensures after the diet ends.

It's important to 'Use Thy Noggin' where dieting is concerned and frankly, one-food diets can be lethal.

It's much like forbidding your car to have oil when it needs such. In time, the car shuts down - just as the body when required nutrients are withheld.

7. Body detox.

Doing such puts the body at grave risk as electrolytes may become unbalanced.

8. Too much exercise.

An activity routine every other day for a span of 20 minutes can deliver stellar results.

9. Losing weight for anyone but you. 

Of course, wanting to lose to look good for our kids and family makes for great diet motivation.

10. Forgetting or ignoring past diet mistakes.

A list consisting of the reasons why prior diets didn't work makes a great tool in assuring that your next diet will be your last weight loss diet!


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