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Weight Loss vs Weight Gain

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The striking similarities between weight loss & weight gain.

Although weight loss and weight gain reside on opposite ends of the Diet Spectrum, they hold striking similarities.

The problem in allowing Weight Gain Mode to continue is that the longer the process continues, the longer the body packs on weight until at some point, the amount of weight gained becomes overwhelming.

Applying the Brakes On Overeating

Weight gain is like a speeding car.

Unless we apply the brakes, the car continues to speed along thus increasing the risk of danger. There is one condition in the arena of weight that is more serious than being overweight - that being the condition of weight gain.

Commonly, individuals that gain weight will sustain that weight for a number of months or years without gaining more weight. However, in some individuals once the pounds begin packing on, they just keep packing on.

Weight Gain Rarely Related to Hidden Health Issue

In some circumstances, food may not be the issue, and weight gain may stem from a medical issue such as diabetes or thyroid imbalances. Therefore, individuals experiencing a quick rate of weight gain should meet with their doctor to rule out health issues - some of which can be serious.

Although similar in looks, each of our skeletal frames are different. Your skeletal frame was designed to hold only so much weight.

Once that limit is exceeded, serious medical issues can ensue. Backache may develop as well as a weaker skeletal frame which is more susceptible to breakage.

The overweight individual may also experience overall body pain which can range from moderate to severe. And then there is the 'hidden issue' - the issue of what the unsupportable weight is doing to the inside of the body.

Therefore, it's vital that anyone who is in Weight Gain Mode take quick action.

This may mean going on a diet to drop pounds OR it may simply mean that the individual halts weight gain and maintains their current weight - even if theyare overweight.

Because Weight Gain Mode and Weight Loss Mode hold striking similarities that tend to shoot off in opposite directions, the dieter is frequently visited by his Weight Gain Shadow.

Individuals who have slowly gained weight over the years tend to have greater success in accomplishing their Weight Loss Goals than individuals who have gained weight at a quick rate without pausing. For starters, the amount of weight that must be lost can be overwhelming to the individual.

They may feel hopeless - that there is no way they can possibly drop so much weight. BUT - oh yes they can! The 'hopeless' situation is not about the weight loss challenge,rather the weight gain challenge. It takes a lot of guts to lose weight - a lot of hard work and anyone who accomplishes such gets a gold star in my book.

Here are just a few similarities between weight loss and weight gain. Please take note of the warning signals of weight gain which can help you stop weight gain in its tracks. Weight gain is always easy while weight loss takes great effort.

The important thing is to change lanes and kick into high gear where weight loss is concerned to avoid a head-on collision with the Health Fairy.

Weight Gain Mode

The individual is consumed by thoughts of food. They may contemplate the foods they plan to eat, how much of a particular food they wish to eat without regard to calories or fat, or they may contemplate the pastime that they wish to combine with the food - such as watching a movie and eating hot buttered popcorn.

Weight Loss Mode

The dieter is consumed by thoughts of food. They may contemplate the foods that they plan to eat, how much of a particular food they wish to eat that holds the most bulk and nutritional elements for the least amount of calories - as well as the activity they wish to combine with the food in order to speed-up the calorie burn, such as taking a walk after meal time.

Weight Gain Mode: The individual is constantly seeking methods that will enhance and/or improve the way their food tastes.

Weight Loss Mode: The dieter is constantly seeking methods that will enhance and/or improve the way their food tastes.

Weight Gain Mode: The individual seeks foods that satisfy appetite without paying attention to calorie content.

Weight Loss Mode: The dieter seeks foods that satisfy the body's basic needs while closely monitoring calories, carbs, fat grams and so forth.

In Summary

The above comparisons between Weight Gain and Weight Loss are intended to illustrate that anyone addicted to food has difficulty in dealing with Daily Diet Management. The Weight Gain Mode shows the negative side of the daily diet while the Weight Loss Mode shows the positive side.

Even with all the support in the world, the bottom line when in comes to our weight is that WE are driving our own car and we know our car best. We know when it needs oil, whenthe tires are worn, how it handles best during foul weather and how many miles we can get per gallon.

The healthier the fuel, the better it runs and the longer it runs.

If you believe that you are experiencing Weight Gain Mode, it's vital that you act NOW in dealing with the issue.

It's important to note that anytime that anyone experiences issues with eating, they indeed have an eating disorder. They may be overweight OR they may be thin.

Eating disorders are no respecter of person, including age, ethnic roots, or body frame size.

If you are in Weight Loss Mode - keep your focus and hold steady to the wheel. In doing such, you'll arrive safely at your Weight Loss Destination. I'm waiting at the finish line with your gold star!

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