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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Easy Tips for Weight Loss Success

Everyone has a personal space - commonly called the old Comfort Zone. With Americans, it's generally 2 feet which may be a key in obtaining easy Weight Loss Results.

How so?

The Comfort Zone carries over to our feasting manner.

Foods that reside within the circle of the Comfort Zone are more accessible and are more likely to be chosen over foods residing outside of the circle.

To reign King & Queen over your weight loss plan, the following tips can help to put a star in your Weight Loss Crown.

Place Foods Lowest in Calories Closest to Your Meal Plate

star02_lightblue.gif When foods are placed on the table, place the foods that are lowest in calories nearest to you. See how easy this weight loss tip is? Practically a no-diet brainer. Why even a Court Jester could do such with little effort.

No Going Back for Seconds

star02_lightblue.gif Fill your plate or bowl in the kitchen, then settle in to dine at the table. Don't be tempted to go back for seconds.

Silverware, Size of Plate & Glass

star02_lightblue.gif Be sure to check the sizes of your spoons and most importantly, the size of the glass that you frequently use when drinking beverages that contain calories. As an example, a healthy glass of low fat milk can go from 100 calories per serving to 400 calories per serving if that glass holds 4 cups instead of 1.

Eat Food Slowly, Avoid Dessert Unless It's a Natural Fruit Selection or Low Calorie

* Once you have your plate filled, concentrate on eating slowly. Chew each bite thoroughly rather than succumbing to the temptation of wolfing it down. Rather than taking big bites, use your knife and fork to cut them down to size.

* Before being the first to volunteer for dessert, make sure it's a diet-friendly dessert, such as a cup of fruit topped with a spoon of light whipped topping. Other calorie-wise desserts include: sugar free/fat free puddings, sugar free/naturally fat free gelatins, and angel food cake.

Keeping Calories in Check

* If you're the Royal Cook and you have family members who are dieting, you will be well-favored if you provide the dieter with a calorie-estimate of the foods placed on the table. There's no need to blow the French horns to announce such; a simple list placed beneath the dieter's silverware will suffice nicely.

* Less is more when it comes to weight loss results, so the less higher calorie/high fat food selections, the better. As an example, all of the following foods contain healthy ingredients: mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, fried chicken, hot buttered rolls & sweet tea

The above foods also contain unhealthy amounts of fat and are loaded with calories. But with a little effort, look what you can master in the way of a Menu-Makeover: baked potato, green beans, baked/roasted chicken, whole grain roll with a pat of butter & unsweetened tea

In Weight Loss Summary

Controlling the types of foods around you can assist greatly in achieving weight loss success.

While the amount of food consumed is a key element in weight loss, the types of foods consumed are equally important.

A nice walk after dining can be as good as a skipped, rich dessert. But whether it's a nice walk with Mother Nature or some alone time to reflect upon your weight loss strategy, taking time to touch base with your weight loss plan is vital.

Begin by asking yourself the following questions, then see what you can do to make things better when necessary.

- How do I feel about the meal I just ate?

- Did I keep portions in control?

- What about the types of foods that I consumed? Were they healthy? Were they close to nature, like mixed salads OR were the foods scrambled together in a processed casserole?

- What about the beverages I drank? Were they good choices, low in calories and sugar content?

- How satisfied do I feel right now, appetite-wise? Are the foods that I just consumed working to keep me feeling satisfied?

- Did I enjoy the taste of the foods I consumed?

A back-up exercise can be performed about 2 hours after any meal. Ask yourself the following questions:

- How hungry am I right now? Snack-hungry or meal-hungry?

At this point, you should either be snack-hungry or you should still be feeling satisfied.

If you feel meal-hungry, make a note of the foods that you consumed at your last meal and place them on your, "This food did not appear to stick with me and I felt hungry only a couple of hours after dining" list.

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