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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How to Take Your Metabolism From Meow to Roar!

If you're having trouble 'getting in the mood' when it comes to losing weight, try this original weight loss motivation tip from Diet Bites.

Think about this as you follow through the steps below:

- What do you currently weigh?

- Take that number and move it to the closest lower bracket of numbers.

- How does that number sound? A lot better, right? Like Diet Music to your ears, right?

* No matter what you weigh, setting your weight loss goal to fall into the closest 'decade of numbers' going downward is one of the best methods for boosting your motivation to lose more weight.

Example, Setting Goal Weight Tips

Dieter Chris currently weighs 194 pounds and is trying to lose to the recommended weight of 145 pounds. Chris should set her first weight loss goal as 189 pounds. By losing just 5 pounds, she is already in a lower bracket of numbers - and that's an immediate feel-good.

Another plus is that this original Diet Bites' tip can be carried through the remainder of your diet until you reach your final weight loss goal.

Once Chris reaches 189 pounds, her next weight loss goal should be 179 pounds - and so forth. Before Chris knows it, she'll reach her final weight loss goal.

Setting Weight Loss Goals

You may have noticed that we mentioned a 'first' weight loss goal and a 'final' weight loss goal in regards to setting numbers throughout the weight loss process.

Weight loss is best accomplished like most other things in life - by setting goals of tiny increments along the way (or in this case 'weigh'). Soon, all those tiny things add up to one impressive accomplishment.

* Setting tiny goals to meet while losing weight empowers the dieter and makes them more aware that their diet is really working.

In Summary

Losing just a few pounds can significantly reduce many health risks for the overweight individual. Here are the most common benefits that weight loss can accomplish - even those few pounds:

- blood pressure reduced

- bad cholesterol levels reduced

- healthy cholesterol levels increase

- risk of diabetes reduced

If you are trying to drop those extra pounds, we want to commend you for your efforts. Losing weight can be difficult at best and we hope that providing you with original tips that assist you in dropping those pounds will help excel your efforts, you Diet Tiger, you!

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