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Weight Gain Causes in Men & Women

Written by Diet Bites


Common Triggers of Weight Gain in American Adults

We keep hearing in the news that obesity is on the rise - and we've been hearing that for decades now. While the vast majority agrees that maintaining a healthy weight can ward-off multiple health issues, to-date we don't have a solution for trimming down this vast nation.

When it comes to gaining pounds - no issues at all! If we simply add fast food dining to our schedule three or more meals per week, we're highly likely to increase girth.

Fast Food Equals Fast Pounds

Dining away from home at fast food and fine-dining restaurants - and even the mom and pop cafes is one of the most common causes of unwanted pounds. Why is that?

Because for all of the noise that we hear about carbohydrates and fat in food, only the amount of energy values [calories] that our body uses and stores comprises the amount that our body weighs. Sure - lipids, sodium, sugar and so forth will contribute to our overall state of health, but those elements on their lonesome do not determine weight. The calories contained within foods and beverages which hold these elements, do exactly that. And unfortunately foods which are rich sources of fatty acid content, salt and sugar are almost-always extreme in calories.

And when it involves dining out, that's what we generally see on the menu. Fried fish, fried fish sandwiches, country fried steak smothered in gravy with a side of smashed buttery mashed potatoes, rich and creamy shakes, desserts filled with sugary goodness and a creamy texture which glides down the throat and into our human fuel tank - the tummy.

If you have a vehicle and you fuel it with camping fuel, it will run. My husband and I had to do exactly that when we ran out of gas on a lonesome road after a camping expedition. [He's always running the car on an empty tank and I'm always suggesting 'shouldn't we stop for gas, hon'.] While the car ran - it didn't run as smoothly as if it had been given supreme fuel.

Acidity vs Alkaline Body May Equal Malnutrition & Metabolic Issues Which Triggers Weight Gain

In turn, our body operates much the same. It will work and survive on poor fuel - such as pies, cakes, and fried items, but it works best when we consume foods that are closest to their natural state.

And when we continue to abuse the body - it strikes back, such as with acidity issues. When we add too many carbohydrates and proteins to our daily diet, the result can be a body which is too acidic. We start to feel lethargic. We may have heartburn, or our mouth may break out in bumps under the tongue.

A body which is on the acidic end is at risk for being malnourished which places it at risk for disease and metabolic imbalances - which in turn can increase body weight.


Adding fruits and vegetables to our day can turn around things quite quickly.

Other Contributors to Weight Gain

Causes of weight gain in healthy adults commonly include:

1. Eating too many calories.

2. Lack of activity to the state that the body doesn't utilize consumed energy values. When muscle turns to fat, the fat will weigh less than hard muscle - but tends to accumulate over time, thus exceeding a healthy, lean muscled body.

3. Poor dietary habits can lead to an increase in pounds. The body works in a chain-reaction form and when certain elements [vitamins and minerals] are missing, it cannot process certain functions effectively. Often the result is weight gain. For older adults, a multi-vitamin may assist in combating gaining excess pounds.

4. Thyroid imbalance - which occurs more frequently in women than in men. However, it's highly overrated and uncommon. Signs and symptoms of a thyroid imbalance include: thinning hair, brittle nails, fatigue, cold hands and feet even in warm weather. A hormone imbalance can greatly impact our weight because it effects the metabolic rate.

5. Ageing. As the body ages it doesn't require as much calories. Although discouraging and frustrating, this is a natural progression of life. Rarely do we see women or men who had dynamite figures pre-fifties or sixties which were able to maintain their beautiful shapes.

The best method for fighting an increase in pounds is to become more active. It may be necessary to cut back on the amount of calories consumed within your day, but be careful about cutting snacks out totally because as we age our blood sugar levels may not be as efficient. For snack times, consider a cup of green or herbal tea along with a container of yogurt or fresh fruit over a glass of whole milk and cookies. The key is cutting calories without cutting nutritional benefits of the food.

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