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Weight Loss Tips for Teens

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Ways to Beat Weight Gain

An increase in weight loss surgery for teens is surging, an indication that obesity isn't picky when it comes to victims. While drastic measures may be necessary for some teens, our savvy weight loss tips can trim pounds quickly and safely without the use of a knife.

Although studies indicate that weight loss surgery appears to be less risky for teens than adults with hospital stays cut almost in half, any surgery comes with risks, including death.

However, there are situations where surgical risks are less than the risks associated with obesity and in which weight loss surgery offers the perfect solution in conquering teen (as well as adult) obesity.

If you're a teen battling weighty issues, the following tips can become your best friends when it comes to ditching those unwanted pounds safely.

1. Do the Math on Calorie Content

Three small cookies equals one glazed donut. Two medium-size cookies equals one glazed donut. One large cookie may equal 2, 3 OR more glazed donuts.

Yes, donuts have been getting a 'diet slap' for years now whereas two or three innocent-looking cookies go unnoticed by most but calories stack up quickly where sugar and fat are involved.

Weight Loss Solution: Planning out your meals and tallying up the calorie content is one of the best methods of keeping your weight in check - as well as dropping excess pounds.

2. Cut the Cheese

One slice of cheese may contain 100 calories or more. That's totally a-o-k when enjoyed in moderation, but teens appear to have an affection for cheese - just like many adults.

Weight Loss Solution: If you have a cheesy moment when only a slice of cheese will do, opt for skim mozzarella which contains a scant 60 calories per slice.

It's a bit rubbery than most cheeses and a bit harder to chow down, so be sure to take small bites and savor each bite.

3. Slow Down, You Eat Too Fast

Some of us eat so fast that you can see sparks flying from the silverware.

Weight Loss Solution: Relax! Slow down and enjoy your meal. After all, it's not going anywhere until you tell it to.

4. Ix-nay on sodas and sport's drinks.

Both are packed with calories. In the 'case' of sodas, the calories are considered 'empty' because they provide zero nutritional value to the daily diet. As for sport's drinks, studies have connected a link between dental carries and sport's drinks.

Weight Loss Solution: Although milk might not appear 'hip', skim milk adds healthy benefits to the daily diet. One skinny cup contains a scant 80 calories. Milk your diet for all it's worth.

5. Be Worth Your Salt

Popular foods among teens include pizza, fries, burgers, tacos, cookies and chips. These favorite foods have the following in common:

- They are all finger OR hand-held foods;

- They are all very fun to eat & share;

- They are easily portable;

- They all make great party foods;

- They tend to tilt the scales when it comes to sodium content, as well as fat content.

Well, everything was going just great until we got to the 'tilt the scales when it comes to salt & fat' comment, wasn't it? As to the sodium (salt) content, salty foods make us crave fluids.

When it comes to teens & beverages, carbonated drinks are tops when it comes to quenching thirst. Oh those delicious, empty calories.

Weight Loss Solution

Keep in mind that the closer a food is to Mother Nature, the healthier the food tends to be. Before salting that favorite food - TASTE it first. It may already hold plenty of salt.

If you've eaten something too salty and are craving a beverage - opt for water. It contains zero calories and is the most powerful beverage around when it comes to quenching thirst.

If you find that you have a salt addiction, slowly cut back and kick the salt shaker to the road. Salt intake is a lot like sugar intake - the more you have, the more you want.

Other quick solutions for healthy, safe weight loss include:

- Limit portions at meal time to one serving;

- Reach for foods with color, particularly fruits and veggies;

- Enjoy fruits and veggies raw when possible for healthier teeth, gums and digestive system;

- Limit snacks to two times per day and grab fresh fruit when doing such;

- Always measure out a serving, particularly when reaching for a bag of anything (nuts, chips, etc.);

- Measure out beverages because not all 'cups/glasses' are equal;

- Almost every food can fit inside a healthy daily diet. The key is to enjoy in moderation;

- Be sure to let your parent(s) know whenever you're trying to drop pounds. They can be of tremendous help in reaching your weight loss goals - from preparing foods in a healthier manner to scheduling an appointment with your family doctor to discuss weight management.

In Weight Loss Summary

When it comes to weight loss, do your math, don't cut the cheese, slow down, chow down and drink wisely and shake the salt habit. Other perks for dropping pounds before reaching adulthood include:

- Less huffing & puffing;

- Less sweating;

- Improved endurance;

- A stronger body as well as improved image;

- More employment opportunities (yes, there are idiots out there who discriminate due to an individual's appearance);

- Decreased risk for serious diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease & diabetes.

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