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Sweet Alternatives to Sugar for Dieters

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Lower Calorie, Lower Fat Options for Diet Sugar Ants

From bread to bacon, almost all processed foods contain added sugar, added sodium (salt) or both. Although there is a handsome line-up of sugar alternatives on the market these days, sugar alternatives aren't for everyone because:

- Sugar alternatives tend to leave an after-taste that may be undesirable for some individuals;

- Although sugar alternatives may taste similar to sugar, they still can't beat the taste of real sugar;

- Some individuals cannot use sugar alternatives due to their chemical make-up or medical conditions;

- Some individuals are not convinced that sugar alternatives are safe and/or healthy.

But oh me, oh my - what is life without a dab of sweetness? And how can one obtain that sweetness without going overboard, often drowning in calories and fat which is Sugar's #1 buddy? Here are just a few Sweet Suggestions for those trying to keep sugar consumption down:

Lower Calories, Lower Fat Alternatives for Sugar

* Pancakes & Syrup - Rather than top those cakes with syrup (pancakes are already sweet-stand-alones), try topping them with fresh berries.

* Peanut Butter & Jelly - Use WHIPPED peanut butter mixed with a bit of mashed banana.

* Cake OR Cupcake - Opting for a slice of angel food cake topped with fresh fruit saves a boat-load of sugar, as well as fat grams which add up to mega calorie savings.

* Biscuits & Honey - Reach for fresh fruit instead. A biscuit topped with fresh sliced strawberries is Diet Divine.

In Summary

The good news for Sugar Ants is that the less sugar you consume, the less sugar you'll crave.

Until you can get a lid on the sugar jar, when the mood for sugar hits and a satisfying sugar alternative doesn't suit your appetite, then stick to a sweet selection that has all of the following & you'll be keeping fat & calories at bay:

- a label stating calorie, sugar & fat content;

- a food containing fruit;

- enjoy only one serving of that sweet no-nothing while keeping in mind that while sugar may provide a temporary boost of energy, sugar provides zero nutritional values to the daily diet.

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