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Weight Loss, Eat Less

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Getting Positive Weight Loss Results

When trying to lose that unwanted weight, less is always more, right? Odds are, before you began your current (or last) diet plan, you may have considered the following:

- 'I'll need to eat less to lose weight'

- 'I'll need to watch tv, play video games & relax less to lose weight'

- 'I'll need to eat less fat to lose weight'

- 'I'll need to eat less desserts & sweets to lose weight'

- 'I'll need to eat less calories to lose weight'

Now that we are all depressed, let's lift our Diet Spirits by concentrating on 'LESS is MORE' by addressing these common weight loss issues.

1. True or False? 'I'll need to eat LESS to lose weight'.

This assumption held by so many dieters is absolutely false. It's also absolutely true. What? How can that be? Well, it's all in knowing the value of 'less is more' while losing weight.

Less is certainly more when it comes to raw fruits and veggies in the daily diet. Less calories - and more flavor, more choices, more food per serving when compared to non-diet-time foods. Just take a look at this sexy line-up of low calorie goodness - in the raw:

- spinach, lettuce, carrots, radishes, summer squash, okra, onions, garlic, cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, spring mix of greens, cherry tomatoes & other varieties of tomatoes, strawberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew melon, most all other varieties of melons, plums, apricots, grapefruit.

Okay - perhaps you still aren't impressed, or excited about less being more. After all, what is exciting about a naked vegetable? A naked fruit? Well, perhaps not that. But this weight loss tip might blow your socks off:

Low Calorie Asian Salad Recipe

Mix together 3 cups of Spring Greens (this mix includes yummy baby spinach, dandelion greens among others) and add thinly sliced cucumber, a few cherry tomatoes and grated carrot.

Next, toss in a few mandarin oranges, a teaspoon of raisins and 1 chopped walnut.

Add a teaspoon of grated cheese + one serving of light salad dressing, such as balsamic vinegar or a fruit-based light salad dressing such as Raspberry Walnut.

To add even more body to your salad, add a couple of slices of thin deli meat (chop before adding to your salad).

Socks still on? I didn't think so. Nonetheless, the above is an example of 'Less is More' put into Diet Action.

2. True or False? ''I'll need to watch tv, play video games & relax LESS to lose weight.'

Again, the answer to this common diet dilemma is both true and false. For starters, maxing-out on activity time can create sore muscles while depleting energy levels. Too much exercise may become so overwhelming for the dieter that they become overwhelmed with their weight loss goals.

To get the most out of activity time, choose activities that you enjoy - and then enjoy them 3-4 times per week.

Your body is apt to benefit more from aerobic activity performed every other day rather than every day - so mix up the types of exercise in your routine. Embrace body toning exercises one day, then your aerobic activity the next.

As for relaxation - it's vital to weight loss success.

3. True or False? 'I'll need to eat LESS fat to lose weight.'

Oh wow - yet another tricky question. Less fat in the diet equals a healthier body as well as a trimmer body BUT only when the total daily calories do not exceed what the body uses for the day.

Our recommendation: Work like a Busy Diet Bee to trim fat from your daily diet. Foods high in fat are also high in calories. Simply by trimming fatty foods from the diet, less becomes more - as in the way of more healthier foods for less calories than the excluded fatty foods.

4. True or False?  'I'll need to eat LESS desserts & sweets to lose weight.'

True - and another great Weight Loss Tactic. The great news is that the less processed sugar you consume, the less you'll crave.

5. True or False?  'I'll need to eat LESS calories to lose weight.'

True. If calories remain the same, so will weight. This doesn't mean that you'll have to eat less food. For example, rather than a full-blown cheeseburger which contains about 700 calories, you can instead enjoy a small cheeseburger spread with mustard rather than Mayo.

Use less regular cheese - or reduced fat cheese. Use extra lean ground beef over fatty grinds. Add lots of vegetables and slices of tomato. You're only at 350 calories.

Guess who's going to lose weight now?

In Summary

Adding more raw, natural foods to your diet plan is a fabulous way to drop those unwanted pounds, as is cutting fat, sugar and calories in the daily diet. Keep in mind that although 'less is generally more' while dieting, you're going to love the 'end' results!


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