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Can You Feel the Weight Loss Tonight?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Gauging Your Diet's Success, Finding Solutions When Weight Loss Stalls

Although weight scales are hip when it comes to determining weight loss, a drop in the number on the scales isn't the best indicator of 'fat' loss.

If your weight scales appear to be hung in neutral, ask the following questions and you may find that your weight scales are lying if only temporarily.

Our Clothing Generally Shows Us the First Signs of Weight Loss

- Is your belt moving down a notch?

- Are your rings looser?

- Do your pants fit looser?

- Are your skirts looser and do the hems fall closer to the floor these days?

- What about those tighty-whities? Looser?

- Do your glasses or sunglasses feel less snug on your face?

When Bathroom Scales Lie - Examples of False Weight Gain

Muscle Mass Percentage Increase Can Cause Healthy Weight Gain

If you've been hitting exercise at a regular beat, those new muscles weigh heavier than fat which is reflected on the weight scales.

Although it may appear that weight loss has stalled OR that you've gained a couple of pounds, in actuality your body is holding less fat and more muscle - which is a very good thing when it comes to a healthier body.

Excess Sodium Often Responds by Adding False Pounds to the Body

A sly little pickle can turn the weight scales sour by registering false weight gain due to 'high sodium pickle intake'.

However, it's not only that innocent looking pickle which is rich in salt content. Even healthy food selections like cereal can be mined with the white stuff.

If you enjoy those fun and fuzzy specialty coffees or drinks that are frothy, they too can hold significant sodium values.

Natural Weight Gain That is Temporary

That 'certain time of the month' when Mother Nature kindly delivers you an unwanted gift is capable of adding several false pounds to the weight scales. And when she doesn't arrive, pregnancy is also a condition where women experience temporary weight gain.

In Summary

Weight scales are perfect for monitoring weight gain and weight loss but should not be a sole source for determining the effectiveness of a diet or weight loss plan.

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