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Building a Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Organizing your diet can equal impressive weight loss results quicker.

You don't have to be a closet organizer, a desk organizer or a fashion accessory organizer to be a Diet Organizer. It's easy and we'll show you how!

There is a plethora of shows on tv where the host removes all the items from a cluttered room or garage, then waves their magic Organizer Wand - and wallah!

The result is an area so immaculate that a dog could eat off the floor. Yes, the end results are always impressive with so much room to spare, whereas in the beginning even a mashed gnat wouldn't have been able to fit into the space.

Organizing your diet plan can produce like-results which translates to:

- quicker rate of weight loss

- more food without exceeding your planned daily calories

- more benefits from your activity plan that goes hand-in-hand with your weight loss plan

Organizing Your Diet, The Step-by-Step Process

1. Organizing Foods. The official Food Pyramid is a great example of what can be accomplished by organizing. Food Groups are stacked on top of one another in a sleek, streamlined method.

One Food Group cannot stand alone and needs the participation of all the other blocks in order to meet all of the body's daily nourishment requirements. If we were to remove one block from the Food Pyramid, odds are - it would come crashing down to the ground. Such is a diet plan for weight loss.

From the get-go, a diet that contains less calories will set the body in Confusion Mode. It takes a bit of time to adjust, just as it adjusted when too many calories were entering its system. If the dieter provides the necessary nutrients required daily by the body, then both the body and the dieter are happy. The body gets what it needs from the dieter in way of nutrients,and the dieter gets what it needs from the body in way of weight loss.

In order to meet your nutritional needs, these links may be of help when you organize the types of foods you put on your plate:

Daily Nutritional Requirements Based on Daily Calories

Diet Bites' Pyramid Diet

When organizing your foods, pay attention to color. Color adds interest and fun to any diet plan and an attractive meal is a meal that is more apt to be enjoyed, even that meal which holds less fat and calories.

2. Setting meal times.

It's vital that meal times are planned at about the same time each day. This gets the tummy on-board by establishing a pattern. As the body adjusts to the eating Time Pattern, it can tell you when it's time to eat even when there isn't a clock around.

During pre-diet phase, most individuals are around-the-clock snackers and the body remains confused - not knowing exactly what time to expect a boat-load of food. This haphazard eating pattern creates a false, continuous need to eat, meal time or not.

3. Setting sleep time.

Emphasis on exercise has always been the recommendation for those looking to drop those extra pounds, but with more information rising over the horizon it's becoming blatantly evident that rest and relaxation are key factors when it comes to achieving a healthy weight - as well as a healthy body.

You probably don't even need sleeping tips. You know the spill - go to bed at the same time every night, don't exercise too close to bedtime, don't eat or drink too close to bedtime and so forth. The most important of these is setting the sleeping pattern by trying to get into bed at the same time every night/day - whichever is applicable to your schedule.

4. Organizing activities.

If you dread common exercise - then make it fun! Join OR form a sport's team. Enjoy hiking, or take up golf. Shoot hoops or play hula-hoop with the kids. Invest in a swimming pool or start taking the family pooch on those needed but neglected 30-minute daily walks. If it's not fun, it's not going to last.

When planning activities, fill them in on your calendar with other information regarding your diet plan - you Busy Diet Bee, you!

5. Organizing play time.

A huge mistake made by most dieters is that they mistake play time for activity time. The two are entirely different. Play time allows the body as well as the mind to engulf in relaxation. Play time might be any of the following: knitting, reading, working on a puzzle, watching tv, playing video games or taking an extended bubble bath.

In Summary

So many individuals wake up one day and say, "I'm going to lose weight. I'm going on a diet," which is great! The unfortunate fact is that most dieters are like the individuals who tend to clutter the show-cased garage on tv - they simply toss everything into their diet and hope that it fits. And when the diet becomes cluttered, it gets confusing and the easiest option is to quit dieting.

Learning to organize your diet plan from start to finish is a great way to keep on the fast-track to weight loss. You'll be less apt to fall off the Diet Wagon and more apt to stick to your Diet Guns until you race over the finish line.

And yes - you'll definitely be racing because an organized diet plan is one filled with so many good things, it's hard to believe that so much can fit into so little.

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