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Stand by Your Diet Man

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weight Loss for Men

Is your man packing a few more pounds than necessary, but doesn't want to diet?

Are you concerned about his beloved Fantasy Fudge Ice Cream shaving away some of the best years of his life? Do you feel helpless to stop the train derailment?

Then take heart - because we've got some weight loss tips that may help melt those pounds away without him even knowing.

The good news is that men tend to lose weight at a faster rate than women. All those manly muscles and brawn burn more calories.

Some other good news is that generally, the guy's partner is the chief cook and bottle washer. Then again, we're not so certain that's 'good' news.

So if you're in charge of preparing meals, you can help trim pounds from your guy by keeping the menu at a healthy level - but that's only a part of the Weight Loss Equation. It's the away-from-home times, as well as snack times that can get your guy in deep diet trouble.

As to what those extra pounds can do to your man - you probably already know the spill. It's probably the reason why you're so concerned.

The longer those extra pounds stay on, the higher the risk for your man getting heart disease, diabetes, kidney issues, high blood pressure and so forth.

Those extra pounds can also produce increased gas, increased sweating and an increased level of frustration. It can also cause decreases - such as a decrease in energy and a decrease in thought capacity.

Weight Loss Tips to Help Trim-Down Your Man

Ice Cream - Switch to sherbet which is lower in calories than full-blown ice cream.

Sugary Drinks - Try serving water or milk at meal times. Before that sugar-drink craving kicks in, prepare one of our slim shakes for your guy. Those are located here at Diet Bites.

Beer - This 'manly' beverage can be his own demise. Soon one beer isn't enough - so it's two, then three, four, five - a six pack, a case - then it's on to the hard stuff. Weight loss aside, if you notice that your guy's alcohol is controlling him rather than him controlling it - it's time for a doctor's visit.

Meal Time - This is your opportunity to shine, particularly if the old saying "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach" holds any truth. Here are some healthy suggestions:

Serve a side-salad or a vegetable-broth-based soup before the main course. Example of a tasty side salad: 2 cups of baby spinach, a few cherry tomatoes, a few slices of cucumber, a bit of grated carrot and a teaspoon of grated cheese. Serve with light dressing on the side.

Opt for white meats which tend to be lower in fat and calories.

Become the Salad Queen. Be sure to serve light dressing on the side, and limit cheese, croutons and bacon bits.

Casseroles can create mega rolls on the body. Opting for oven-roasted lean meats, healthy veggies and whole grain bread can really slice calories and fat.

Rather than placing everything on the table - fill the plates before serving. Be sure to use pretty garnishes and perhaps a candle from time to time. SLOWLY cut back on serving size over time as your guy trims down.

Togetherness Time - Spending time together is important to the success of your guy's healthy weight loss. Encourage trips to the zoo rather than the mall, take up golfing and ditch the golf cart, and simply take time to sit down and talk with your guy. It's important to both him, and you.

Adequate Rest & Sleep - It's as important as activity time.

Brag! - Use every opportunity to tell your guy how great he looks. And once he begins to shed pounds, it's time for a shopping trip for smaller clothes. Don't be tempted to keep larger-size clothing hanging around as it's a crutch one can lean on should they get Weight Gain Wanderlust.

In Summary

Getting those extra pounds off of your guy may add years to his life. We always recommend a trip to the doctor for anyone needing to drop pounds, but we are also realists. Sometimes, finances do not afford such - or the guy is too stubborn to make the date with the doctor. It's the old "What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me" scenario.

And in closing, we'd like to give you a pat on the back for taking time to discreetly help your partner drop those unwanted pounds - because sometimes what we don't know can really make a healthy change in our lives!

There are over 1,000 diet tips located at Diet Bites. Check them out to take the drama out of your Dieting Adventure.

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