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Diet Bites Color Wheel Diet Plan™

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The 1,400 Calorie Diet Plan

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The 1,400 calories Color Wheel Diet Plan by Diet Bites incorporates a variety of colors and textures within the daily diet, thus adding interest and beauty to the meal plate. A happy dieter tends to be a more satisfied dieter.

The following serving recommendations are based on the healthiest model for optimum health currently available - the American Food Pyramid.

But our weight loss plan takes things up a notch by adding a splash of vibrant color to your meal plate.

Rather than enjoying a white potato, a serving of cauliflower, white button mushrooms and white onion and garlic - you'll be mixing things up.

Instead, reach for dark greens, yellow squash or corn, orange carrots, red beets and purple cabbage. These colorful foods add so much fun to your meal and turn a boring diet into an interesting plan.


1,400 Calorie Daily Diet, Our Color Wheel Diet Plan

Food Group

USDA Recommended Daily Amount

Diet Bites Color Wheel Diet

Examples of Food Choices


1.5 cups =

1/2 cup yellow  fruit

1/2 cup of  green fruit

1/2 cup of orange fruit

1/2 cup banana

1/2 cup of  pear

1/2 cup of cantaloupe


1.5 cups =

1/2 cup of dark green vegetables

1 cup of raw  green leafy vegetables**

1/2 cup of yellow  vegetables

1/2 cup broccoli

1 cup of salad greens

1/2 cup of yellow  squash


5 ounces =

1/2 cup of cooked wheat pasta (tan)

3 slices of whole grain bread (tan)

1/2 cup of cereal (multi-color)

1/2 cup of wheat pasta

3 slices of whole grain bread

1/2 cup of cereal

Meat, Beans, Seeds, Nuts, Eggs, Peanut Butter

4 ounces =

1/2 cup of beans, peas, lentils or legumes

2 ounces of white meat

1 yellow /white egg (or brown egg)

1/2 cup English Peas

2 ounces  of chicken breast

1 egg

Milk, Dairy

2 cups =

2 cups of white skim milk

2 cups of milk


4 teaspoons =

Use Golden Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Margarine Sparingly

Use Golden Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Margarine Sparingly

Discretionary Calories

Allow  171 Calories =

These are the calories that you choose to fit into your daily diet which may or may not fall into the official food groups. Preferably, the discretionary calories should come from healthy sources.

171 discretionary calories

Diet Bites Color Wheel Diet Plan

Based on USDA Daily Recommendations

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